Day 2 was another fun and action-filled day for our team. We began the morning doing what we do best – painting. Or, in Ryan’s case, eating pancakes. The bathrooms in Karen’s house needed painting, and we had some touchups to do in the boys kitchen area. It’s almost all finished now. Seth has rediscovered his carpentry skills, and things are going to be hugely improved by the time we’re done in there. New serving tables are joining the fresh paint job to make the house mothers super happy.

Bathroom getting a facelift


Kitchen coming together nicely

In between playing with the kids and sweating in the sun, we made our way over to the school to begin work on the newest building, which houses the office and the library. We are painting the entire outside of the school Aqua Chintz, a color not to be confused with Aqua Sky or Tranquility or Passion Blue or any other of the finely named paints. My shoes and pants are now Aqua Chintz. I like that color a lot. We had to do a little scraping of concrete globs before painting. David and I are total experts at such a procedure now. I’m also good at scraping off wasps nests and running away quickly. I’d prefer to just paint around them and avoid the trouble, but apparently Karen cares about quality. Crazy, I know.

Getting ready to paint the school office

Thankfully Molly and JoJo came over to help with the painting and contribute their ability to paint the trims with their steady hands. Ryan painted the high portions and is now complaining of a sore neck. He’s just weak, if you ask me. We should have the building looking completely Chintztastic by the time we leave.

Painting of school and my excited kids

After an intense soccer game in which Seth and I remained undefeated as teammates (one of us a former Division III soccer All-American, the other one of us was a phenomenal soccer player in 3rd grade but doesn’t like to brag), we cleaned up and then went out on the town with our new friend Missionary James.

Soccer game fun

We brought along Jessie and Seth as well as Mariah, Karen’s granddaughter. James is an awesome American missionary and extremely funny and unique guy who works as the tech guy at the hospital nearby during the day, and travels around showing Christian movies during the night and weekend. He dubs some into Creole and has also made his own right here in Haiti. They’re really great and communicate the gospel in such a unique way. We went into the heart of Verrettes and set up his portable projection system and screen and showed the movie to whoever wanted to show up. And boy, did lots of people show up. It was an amazing time.

Heading to Verrettes with James for Christian movie night

James showed two movies, and between them announced that anyone who wanted to be prayed for could come visit with him and his “pale-faced friends.” Did I mention James is an odd bird? But that was great. During the second movie, several kids and youth came up to us asking about how to have a relationship with the Lord. I think between us we led 8 young people to the Lord. Thankfully, we had Mariah and Jesse with us to translate and share as well. The night was great fun. No one asked for our autographs though, so I guess they didn’t recognize our voices from the radio. So if we’re going to achieve real fame in the country, we going to have to talk James into casting us in his next movie, “The Adventures of the Pale-faced Friends.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t like this idea as much as I do…

Jessie & Mariah praying with children at movie night


Julie & Sandra


In motion singing train