Every year Haiti celebrates Carnival about this time in February. It’s a holiday from work and from school for most of the country. Here at the school, as in all the schools in the country, Friday was a holiday from class but everyone came to school in their best clothes and had a party. The real no school holiday is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Our kids here at HATS were so excited last Friday morning; they were jumping around long before it was time to head to school. Our older four were excited in that laid back, I don’t care teenage way, but they did want their photo taken!








The younger boys and Karena were sprouting a bit of Carnival attitude for the camera before they headed over to the school for the party. Josie and Sandra had their face paint on to celebrate.

Dieunel, Jonathan in front, Jofky, Karena and Judel


Josie and Sandra with a friend

Luckner and the teachers at IMKH (Institute Mixte Karen Huxter) put on a great time for the kids. It all started with loud, ear splitting music and the kids started dancing. The conga line was a favorite for the classes to do together. Although the Grade 11’s had to hand in their homework to Met Luckner, they enjoyed seeing the little ones take part.

The music gets you dancing


Grade 11 students

While the younger ones dance out where everyone can see, the older students like to dance too, but more discreetly. These girls were having a great time a bit out of sight.

Beautiful girls enjoying the dance


The Grade 5 group

Our kids came home tired but happy to have had a chance to celebrate with their friends. As always, “It Is All About the Kids” on the compound and at the school.