It doesn’t matter where you go to school, what city, town or country you live in, recess is the best time of the school day. As a retired teacher I can tell you this fact is true!

The students at IMKH (Institution Mixte Karen Huxter) are no different than any other kids when it comes to recess. I happened to be at the school one day last week during recess and it was neat to see what the kids were up to during their recess.

Getting a drink is a big activity. The main aim is to get a drink of water but not get your shoes wet. By this time in the school year even the three year olds have it down pat. One of the older students will sometimes have a plastic container and fill that up and share it with the little ones that are waiting. Here in Haiti sharing a glass or a container of water amongst several people is common.

Getting a drink


Don’t hold that faucet!

The big no-no is holding on to the faucet as the pipe is only plastic and the number of times that has had to be repaired has been lost in school history!

Karen helping


One boy’s solution!

As in most places there are those that like to watch.

Some like to watch

And there are those that like to participate. The little ones were like lemmings, all following the ball wherever it went. By the time they are a few years older they will have mastered the skills of the favorite sport in Haiti!

4 year olds catching the ball


Older boys play soccer really well


Grade 4 girls playing a singing game

The Grade 4 girls found a spot just outside their classroom and had a lively singing game going. Then the inevitable happened……the bell rang!

Bell rang!


Bell rang!

Back to work!

Back to work!

It really is all about the children.