We do not have a workteam at the mission at the moment, but the Texas team will arrive next week. We are looking forward to having David, Shane and Nolan back, along with others who are arriving March 3rd. Also looking forward to the arrival of Seth and Jessie Huber who will be travelling with the team. Seth and Jessie will be helping out here at HATS for a year.

Work onsite is continuing but it is slowing down. This week there are only four men working preparing to put up the wire fence so the children’s homes will be in their own yard. The fence will run parallel to the driveway which will mean protection for the little children who like to run and play on the driveway. We will be putting a swing set in the yard for the children and a place to play basketball. The excitement of the children about the girls moving into the new home and the coming playground is running high.

This blog is going to be mostly photos of my children. Some may be similar to ones you’ve seen recently, and some may have been taken a year or two ago. I do enjoy looking at photos of the children taken awhile ago. I appreciated the comments and e-mails letting me know you enjoy photos of my children and would like to see more. Here they are.

The children are all well and growing up quickly. They are becoming closer as a family every day. I so look forward to the day, with the help of Seth and Jessie, that I can have a lot more time with them. That will be a win/win situation – good for the children and for me. They all have very different personalities and are all at different stages in their growth and development, but all are extremely precious.

For me it always has been and always will be “ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN”.

Dieunel when age 3


Judel when age 2


Karena and Jofky


Karena helping out


Leica, not too long after joining us


Mirlande age 8


Moise (Moses) when age 7


 My seven gorgeous girls
Josie when serious at age 3


Ti Luckner Huxter before he could walk


 My Ti Fi after learning to stand and walk


Vladimy, when 14, with Judel


Beautiful Josie


Gorgeous Dieunel with mischief in his eyes


Gorgeous Karma


Ismyis acting shy


Judel enjoying being a big brother now


Moise growing up


My big boy JJ


My happy smiling Leica
My precious family