Day 2

For those who have not read day 1, I hope you get to read this one.  We have not had internet service for a couple of days. You may not know it BUT we have all been working and playing hard.

Fun with Lisa

Ken & Bob worked as security while Karen, Dickie (chauffeur) Dave and Richard (security) went to Saint Marc to the Bank, grocery store, hardware etc.  The security here have no fear of losing their jobs to Bob and Ken anytime soon!

New security fired already


New security 2 also fired

I experienced my first ever Haitian rainfall and it was glorious!  We were painting when it started and we moved out into the school yard with arms outstretched and enjoyed every drop.  It only lasted about 20 -25 minutes but was pure delight.

Enjoying the rain, trying to cool down.

Had a delicious supper and then went to devotions and enjoyed all the kids singing.

We had time working on our school work and other odds and ends and then showers and bed were the order of the night.

We had a big thunder/lightning storm last night with another downpour.  Bob was on his way to bed and came back to show us a bug he saw with big green glowing eyes.  It was very interesting and we watched for a while.

Karen and I made 2 cakes for a party  (there was a little added excitement but all ended well). Karen here – anyone who knows the man my sister is married to will know why there was excitement and who was behind it.  I, however, am above naming names.

Day 3

We got an early start today with Dave’s alarm waking us all …including the roosters…at 4:15. Had great devotions on site with children and staff.

Photos and letters for students who are sponsored were finished today with grades 1 & 2.  (Lots of sponsors needed for adorable students.)

Kids ready for photos


First photo for grade one is Judel


Letter writing time.

Toilets fixed, weeding done on water tower, payroll, etc.

Germaine made my favorite dinner today and I beleive it may be every one’s favorite now. Jim, Don, Lisa and I painted a small office at the school a
beautiful pink (no one pulled your trick, Cheryl).

Germaine preparing another delicious meal