It does not seem like it.  It does not feel like it.  It does not look like it.  But wait – there are a bunch of lights in our yard so perhaps that means something.

Girl’s Home and Boy’s Home



Christmas really must be around the corner. The children are getting more excited every day about their Christmas break from school and our celebration of the birth of Jesus.  School exams finished Wednesday for most of our children, and for JJ and Djemima yesterday, Thursday.

The children will return to school on Tuesday, Dec 23rd, to pick up their report cards and to attend a special Christmas party/dinner.  Thanks this year go to an Engineering class from Corner Brook and Steady Brook, Newfoundland.  A Christmas meal for our students and teachers was started by Bob and Linda Comeau, from Yarmouth, NS, a few years ago.  Each year we hope, and pray that enough funds will go to our HATS office in Canada to provide a special Christmas meal for our school students.  I well remember the words of one student the first year we were able to do this.  She said “Heaven came down at our school today”.   Photos of this party will come on the next blog.

Yesterday in our morning devotions my heart, and that of many others, was filled by our sweet little Karena.  I walked in to find employees and children present – with all employees waiting for someone else to start leading the devotion.  Before I could appoint someone Karena opened her mouth and started singing beautifully and clearly. She led the thirty minute devotion time and did a very annointed job, with worship, Bible reading, and prayer.  What joy that gave this mama. Karena joined our HATS family at age one, five years ago just after the earthquake, as she had lost all her family members.

Karena leading worship in our morning devotions


Encouraging Karen after devotions

Our church is looking good.  It is almost ready for painting both inside and out. Hopefully the painting will be done by the March and April teams.  Luckner is presently preparing a cost estimate for a church in Calgary who are interested in helping bring electricity from our main compound to the church itself.  After Luckner can finish the electrical work we will be able to have a sound system and ceiling fans.  Wow!  What a tremendous blessings. Thank you, God.  Thank you to everyone who has helped and who are continuing to help.

Our HATS church


Inside our church

Thank you to those who have been asking about Vladimy and have been praying for him.  He is not attending school this year, at the suggestion of the doctor, but we hope he will return next year.  We have just given Vladimy a job as assistant to Eugene who takes care of the yard work and a lot of other things on site.  This job will carry him to next July or August.  These 6-7 months will be serious training and preparation time for his living elsewhere.  I ask you to continue to pray for Vladimy’s health, as well as his fitting into his new role at HATS, and his preparations to move out on his own.  Thank you.

HATS-Haiti is and always will be  ALL  ABOUT  THE  CHILDREN.

Merry Christmas everyone.