This blog is a team effort because, as we have discovered, we work so well together and are so in sync with what is needed here. It started last night with hints of chocolate chip cookies…hints meaning Karen digging out her favourite recipe as well as most of the ingredients “just in case” anyone felt like making cookies. So as you can see Rebecca and Kathleen got going on them this afternoon.

Chocolate chip cookies by Rebecca & Kathleen – Yumm!!!

We have done so much already. We all got into the truck yesterday afternoon to drive to Verettes for a visit to the pharmacy…and to Liancourt to pick up some frozen chicken.

Sam carrying in the chicken Haitian style


at the pharmacy

We also had a chance to visit Luckner’s Radio Creole last night and were put right to work teaching English to his students.

Going up to see the radio station


Beate making sure her spelling is ok


Sam teaching should, could, would!

Sam and Beate accompanied Karen to St Marc for some more supplies… Sandra drove the truck back up the driveway.

Sandra driving the truck

Of course, we had lots of fun playing with the kids and having a late afternoon stroll along the canal. It was quite the experience to introduce the kids to Pop Rocks that Kathleen brought with her (they crackle and pop in the mouth and even come flying out of your mouth if you aren’t careful). Now, we did take photos of Karen enjoying them for the first time, whether or not she provides you with the enjoyment of a picture is up to her…tooooooo funny….

Kathleen and Jonathan


Rebecca and Jonathan


Sam and Anne


Ti Fi and Beate


Kathleen handing out Pop Rocks

On a final note, it has been incredible to have the opportunity to work with Ti Luc. Each one of us has a different way of teaching and communicating with him, and we have seen him learn so much in just a couple of days. He is beginning to pick things up with his hands and even learning to whistle. We all have a special place in our hearts for this courageous little boy who never gives up.
Hugs to all!

~Beate, Kathleen, Rebecca and Sam