This is day four of trying to get a blog done. Other than constant interruptions, a constantly non co-operative computer, other very important things needing my attention, and a trip to PAP, I see no reason why it has not been finished earlier. No matter what or why – hopefully this will be posted today.

The Reimers

I introduced you to Brad, Lois, Kaeli and Peter on an earlier blog. Now I want to share the news with you that they will likely be arriving at HATS to live/work on February 5th. This is good news for me. I have been more than ready for a very long time to delegate some of my work load. Looking forward to having the Reimers on board here at the HATS mission.

Brad, Lois, Kaeli, Peter Reimer

Introducing our Teachers

I want to introduce you to one of the teachers at the HATS school – Roseline Joachim – who is one of our success stories of our sponsoring program. Roseline was in our student sponsoring program since the first year we started it – 1997. She started in our program while she still lived in the mountains. She moved to Verrettes to do her secondary schooling. After graduation Roseline was still sponsored while she attended a school in Liancourt for three years to become a teacher. This year Roseline is the grade two teacher at the HATS school. Roseline, since the beginning, has been one of the students sponsored through Education Haiti.

Roselene now teaching at HATS school

Education Haiti was set up by John and Bev Chappelle after their first trip to Haiti in 1997 when they saw the tremendous need for it. Education Haiti has partnered with HATS since its concept and has enabled a lot of children to attend school. We take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to Bev Chappelle, of Education Haiti, who is continuing with the huge task of the sponsoring of students that John had been looking after.

We say “thank you” to all of you who are sponsoring students in our school. We encourage you to continue to sponsor your student as long as you can. It makes a big difference in the life of the child. Not all students make it to graduation day, but each year of education in the lives of the students, prepares them to be better citizens tomorrow.

We are noticing that the school students are now starting to look forward to a two week break. Next week at our school is exam week – Monday – Friday. On December 21st all students receive their report cards. The same day there will be a ‘ti fet’ at the school which will include a short concert for parents followed by a meal.

Our children here onsite are doing well.  I will include five random photos of them.

Strapped in and ready to go see Papa & Rose Lore


Ti Luc holding Jonathan


Thanks Donna in Newfoundland from the kids


Sandra playing soccer – her way


Sandra and Jonathan riding with Ti Luc

Last Saturday we enjoyed spending some time with three people from the US who were in Haiti for a short time. One of them was a very special young lady ‘Katelyn’ (hope I have spelled it correctly) as well as her mother and another lady. They, and our kids, enjoyed spending time together. When it was time to leave it was great to see Ti Luc wanting to push Katelyn’s wheelchair to the vehicle.

Katelyn with Anne & Jofky


The kids like balloons


Ti Luc pushing Katelyn to the truck

Mariah’s time is almost up. Soon she will he heading back to Canada to return to school. I will blog about that a little later.

People continue to come regularly and pick up food for their families. Thanks again for the support for our Mercy Fund to continue to put food into their hands. Those receiving are very thankful.

Two happy students leaving with food gifts

Thank you for all the Christmas gifts for our children that came down with Liette and Yvette. Thank you for the funds to purchase chickens, and also for us to bless people with Bibles and Hymn Books that they have been asking asking for. Thank you for everything and that includes a lot of various kinds of help.

May the Lord bless each and every one of you as you continue to bless the needy ones here in Haiti – especially the children.