This blog is to introduce you to Baby Sandra and to ask for prayer for her. Sandra joined our family on Monday, April 25th and has been in the hospital since that day.

Baby Sandra with Mama Karen

The doctor said she was very seriously anemic and had an infection throughout her body. She has been on IV meds since Monday and has received blood. She is doing better but yesterday I was told she needs ongoing help from the hospital before she can come home. Sandra was found on the street of a town nearby and we were contacted by the magistrate there.

Baby Sandra Ruth

Please pray for Sandra to be able to join her big lively family here at the mission where she will receive daily help to become completely well and strong. Anne came to us in bad shape too but she is now healthy and happy.

I also ask for prayer for the two housemothers who have been taking turns staying at the hospital with Sandra. Antoinette and Naomie have been switching places at the hospital every afternoon. Being there with Sandra means no sleep.

A Canadian family, the second one to offer to sponsor Anne awhile back when I needed a sponsor, is sponsoring Sandra. Thank you to all who have let me know you are willing to sponsor one of these precious needy children.

Thanks to all of you for your willingness to support the children.


God bless you.

~Karen and family