Another warm day in beautiful downtown Deschapelles. At nootime today, the thermometer read 48 degrees C.  Despite the heat, the other six guys accomplished an incredible amount of work. They all have taken pity on the “old guy” and assigned me to take care of a variety of minor things that Karen needs to have done.

Brian En is tonight’s blogger


Brian En checking out electrical wattage

I am going to leave the description of the project and the work being done for the other fellows to fill you in on.

I  am going to try to explain why a trip to Haiti is life-changing. No-one can be thrown into a group of people who have the common purpose of doing something for some-one less fortunate and not be changed in many ways. As with those I joined in each of the first four trips I made to HATS, my respect and affection for each of the team members grows daily. It seemed we had such a series of annoying difficulties on the way here that I began to wonder if Sandra MacDonald had stowed away in our group.

But in his ever present flamboyance and flare, Gerry handled each incident as it came along. Whether things are going smoothly or not, Gerry has the ability to make them seem like they are.

Writing Heather.

Bob The Builder and Brian De are two incredible men to work with along with the fact that that they are the only two who REALLY know how to go about what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Bob The Builder


Brian De

The three who have never been here before have literally thrown themselves into the work and it is inspiring for me to see the obvious love these three have for the children at HATS and the adjoining school.

One, two, three – let’s go


Look at the blan measuring carefully

Bernie Melanson amazes me with his stamina in this heat and the heart of compassion for others that beats inside him. Two high school students round out this group and it is my profound pleasure to get to know them both.


Matthew Sketchley from Dartmouth and Isaiah Henderson from Summeride have taken to the work and the Haitian people completely.  No-one can get to know these amazing Haitian people of all ages, and not be inspired by them.



Matthew with a couple of cuties

They know such suffering and it seems so little else and yet their attitude and graciousness makes me hang my head in shame for the things I seem to find to complain about. It is not possible to fully explain how a trip to a place like HATS can affect you. To those who helped make this possible for me — THANK YOU!!

Recess time is so much better when visitors are here

To those who wonder if your donations and prayers are actually making a difference, I will answer you in this way. This morning as we watched the school teachers lead the children in a half hour of praise and prayer to God and then the children saying their pledge of allegiance to their flag, I kept thinking this. For all of you who have given of yourselves in donations and prayers, there are about 300 children in front of me right now and some or many of them God will use in a great way to change the future face of Haiti and its people. YOU have helped make that possible —- AND THAT, FOLKS — is a fact!  Have a wonderful

~Brian En