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November 16, 2017 Article Amarillo Globe-News Beilue: Local mission group ‘just clicks’ with Haitian children
April 2, 2017 Video Exponential Church Be a Karen – Visit to Haitian Orphanage
March 25, 2017 Radio Interview Jesus to the Nations About HATS-Haiti with Tim Newell at the Jesus to the Nations Conference 2017
December 28, 2015 Article Running Magazine From Newfoundland and Labrador with love: Heidi Perry
November 3, 2015 TV Interview CBC News “He Will Never Walk, Never Talk”
November 3, 2015 Article CBC News Yarmouth’s Hands Across the Sea supporting Haiti Orphanage
October 16, 2015 Article ICI Radio Canada Une deuxième chance pour les orphelins
September 4, 2015 Article The Pilot Huxter and her son matter to the people of Haiti
June 6, 2015 Video YouTube Channel Every Child Deserves a Chance
May 11, 2015 Article The Vanguard Yarmouth residents back from Haiti where they helped to change lives, including their own
March 3, 2015 Article The Telegram Hats on for Haiti
January 1, 2015 Article Art World News The Wow of Roma Family Culture (Trip to HATS)
May 14, 2014 Video YouTube Channel Hands Across the Sea
April 25, 2014 Article The Telegram Haiti Mission in Dire Need of Funding
April 25, 2014 Article The Western Star Huxter reaches out for help to keep mission running
February 24, 2014 Article J. Giles School News Hands Across the Sea H.A.T.S by Callin in Grade 6
February 10, 2014 Article The Vanguard Yarmouth County residents headed to Haiti to help out at orphanage/school
January 23, 2014 Article Mission 2540 My Trip to Haiti
April 22, 2013 Article The Western Star Local social work student headed to Haiti to help out at orphanage
June 14, 2012 Article The Gazette Students experience social work first-hand in Haiti
November 23, 2011 Video YouTube Channel The Importance of Goats
November 23, 2011 Article The Gazette Social work students raise awareness and funds for Haiti
November 8, 2011 Article School of Social Work Social Work students dance, raffle, bake, and “masquerAID” to raise awareness and funds for Haiti
March 2, 2011 Article The Pilot Helping in Haiti
October 19, 2011 Article The Muse MasquerAID coming for Haiti
September 1, 2011 Article LBMAO eNews The House That Kindness Built…in two hours
February 16, 2011 Radio Interview CBC Radio One Hope, and heartache, in Haiti
February 10, 2011 Article The Vanguard Rotary Club raising money for cholera vaccine
January 1, 2011 Article The Connector Children Helping Children
January 11, 2011 Article CBC News One woman’s mission in Haiti to build back better
January 7, 2011 Article The Western Star Canadians brave disease, unrest to help rebuild orphanage in Haiti
December 26, 2010 Article The Western Star A troubled time in Haiti this Christmas
November 27, 2010 Article Times of Ahmad Haiti: Humanity First’s Canadian aid shipment to Haiti languishes at a Port-au-Prince port
October 13, 2010 Article Hants Journal Haiti Bound
September 14, 2010 Article CBC News St. John’s thanked for Haitian donation
August 18, 2010 Article The Pilot A Willing Heart
March 1, 2010 Article The Bulletin Up Front from the President (Haiti)
January 28, 2010 Article The Vanguard Home from Haiti
January 24, 2010 Radio Interview CBC Atlantic Voice Update – Hands Across the Sea
January 22, 2010 Article The Vanguard Welcome home event for Yarmouth residents who were in Haiti during earthquake planned for Saturday
January 14, 2010 Article The Telegram Prayers are Needed
January 14, 2010 Article Nova News Now Yarmouth mission group in Haiti says they are safe following earthquake
January 13, 2010 Article Cape Breton Post Canadians who run orphanages in Haiti prepare for more children after earthquake