It’s already 10:48pm on our last day at HATS. It was a pretty typical day. We were up at 5:30, walking by the canal, stretching, eating breakfast, cleaning up and getting to devotions by 7:30.

After that, of course we had to work on sponsor letters and photos. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel last night but as this is Haiti and nothing seems to go as planned we were unable to finish because there was no internet for most of the day.

Writing sponsor letters with Shelbens and Starbens

There is always lots to do so we went on to the next thing. We sorted through some bags of clothes and picked out 1 outfit for all the kids. The kids sure get a kick out of that.

Beautiful girls with their new dresses


Sandra was determined to put her new dress on

Liette, Karen, Mariah and I drove to a local adult literacy school in the afternoon. There were 3 classes going on. There was even a lady with pure white hair. Go mama go!

Chatting with the adult literacy students

Later on we gave the kids some sugar cane to eat. They all know they must sit on the cement and spit the chewed up part into a bowl. Of course I had to have some as well. Tonight I sat in the gallery with JJ and Moise while they drew and played with spyrograph.

Enjoying the sugar cane

Well, we have reached the end of Yvette and Liette’s excellent Haiti adventure #2. Once again the time has flown by and by 5a.m tomorrow we will be heading out of HATS. It will be a long day as we fly to Miami, then to Dallas and finally on to Calgary. We should be able to get to bed by midnight if we are lucky! We had another eventful and blessed time with Karen, the kids, the
workers and the local people. Thank you all!


It’s now 11:50 pm and we just finished sending out the last sponsor photos and emails.   It has been a very busy week with very little rest.  But we’ve managed to get 99% of the letters/photos sent out (some kids have been absent) and all of the lists are now up to date in Excel (big thanks to Rosana for starting this process for us).  It’s late and we’re tired but it’s good to get such a big, important job done.  Yvette thinks there is no point in even going to bed, but that’s only because she’s an insomniac who never really sleeps anyways.  I’m going to try and get a couple of hours of rest before we’re on the road early tomorrow.

The highlight for me today was visiting the adult literacy class.  Tiny little classrooms with people aged 20-60+ in the classrooms learning basic literacy skills – alphabet, numbers, sounds.  They were SO proud to be there and it’s obvious they were thrilled we had come to visit.  Two of the classes sang us a little song.   Adult literacy is my passion and I’m itching to get involved in something like this in the future in Haiti.

Teacher in adult literacy class sharing with us

We’ve had lots of hugs and fun with the kids and with the staff here at Hands Across the Sea.  We’re doing what little bit we can to help the people of Haiti.  And we are so blessed in return as our hearts are encouraged their joyful praise and prayers of thanksgiving.

To everyone who sponsors a child or who supports our school or programs financially, thank you!  To those of you who pray faithfully, thank you!  To those of you who share what Hands Across the Sea is doing, thank you!