I have always loved early mornings.  It has always been easy for me, and delightful as well, to jump out of bed and get going in the mornings.

In Canada and in Haiti I have always enjoyed getting outside and walking in the mornings – that is if in Canada it is not tooooo cold.  Early mornings in Haiti is the perfect time to walk as temperatures at that time of the day are actually enjoyable.

Sun rising


Early mornings are delightful


Beauty on my early morning walk

This blog has photos of my last two early morning walks.

Breadfruit tree


Corn field


Rice fields as far as I could see


Friendly goat man


One day old


Morning walk


Sandra what are these white birds called

Soon I will be endeavoring to walk in Newfoundland in the mornings – not sure how that will work out since I hear the temperatures are not very nice there this summer.

Too hot and humid or too cold – which do I like best??  I would choose ‘cool’ over hot and humid as one can layer on clothing.  But ‘cold’ is another matter.  It will be interesting to see how much I will be walking and actually enjoying it while in the best place in the world for a few weeks.  I will soon start to find out as will Ti Luc.

Can’t wait to get my feet back on the rock.  Ti Luc is glowing and flying with excitement about going to Newfoundland.  I have warned him that every time my feet touch the ground in Deer Lake tears of thankfulness and joy run down my face.  I felt I should warn my boy in case again I cannot control them again this year.

Newfoundland and wonderful Newfoundlanders – we are coming next week.  Bring it on!!!!

After our time in Newfoundland we will be enjoying some time with more wonderful family and friends in beautiful Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

I will blog while on our trip about Ti Luc’s first time getting to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  It is going to be fun and eye opening for my boy, relaxing for Mama Karen, and a very enjoyable time for us both.

Blessings everyone.

~Karen and Ti Luc