Apparently no one slept last night except me. There was a voodoo service starting when we went to bed and apparently went on until nearly daybreak and the other 4 tent sleepers heard them all night.
Devotions here on compound today and us blan yo were not the best singers in the group.
Shondi just arrived from moving goats so she will take over.


“…Men on a road with a load to tote heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo…”

There were no lonely goatherds today though, since there were a bunch of us on goat duty. Twelve goats arrived around noon and 9 were picked up before dark.

Arrival of goats

Thanks for my goat

In between pickups, Sandra and Vladimy tried to milk a goat to see if they could do any better than Dana. Sandra wasn’t very good at it, but Vladimy could be a real dairy farmer! The 3 goats that weren’t picked up will be ‘sleeping’ over with us on the compound. That should really make things interesting!

Newest goat milker

Hey Dana – take note

Jim and Dickie continued working on wireless internet for the compound. They were caught hanging precariously from a ledge on the second floor, since workers were using the only ladder.


Jim & Dickie

Sandra and Shondi assisted Mariah with her class’s ‘recreation period’ and with lunch again. They sure are cute! They continued their sorting and organizing project. A ‘booboo’ kit was put together for Mariah to keep in her class. We have been called over to the school two days in a row to tend to booboos and ouchies, and it is apparently a common occurrence. So now enfimye Mariah can add nursing to her resume.

Sandra holding Shondi

Ti Luc and Karena

I’m off to water the goats, so have to sign off for now.