I was told to write a blog so don’t check my spelling too close.

Blogger Bob with the two finger peck

Coming to Haiti is always a treat for me. I always push myself hard to help these people.  If the only thing I can do in my life is make a difference in someones life then I die a contented person. For some people it takes a lifetime to realize that we take too much for granted.  We have so much and these folks have so little in materials but so much in life.  They are not worried about their internet going down or what their next car will be. These folks think of what their next meal might be or better yet if there is going to be another one.

My Grandson Luke  made some bracelets made out of rubber bands and I gave some to the kids. I bet you they liked them as much as some of our kids like their I phones or computers.  Thank you Luke, they liked them very much.  Well our week is coming to an end. Our project is also coming to  halt. We are short some sheets of plastic roofing. So if we can locate more we are going to try to finish.  If not we won’t be able to.  I hate to leave with a project not finished.   It is hot here.

HATS children with their bracelets from Luke

I have been watching the goings on next door on the Church being built. The boys are doing an awesome job. Its going to be nice to worship in that new building.  It is hot here.

Church construction

The guys are working hard.  Makes me think we might be in competition.  We push and look they push and look and wave.  These guys are hard workers.  That’s why I want to get as much done as we can to show we care. We want to leave here knowing that we left with nothing for them to finish.  (Its really pretty warm)

Last night we spent some time at Radio Creole.  It was a special time.

Special time at Radio Creole

I am Godfather to two sweet little girls Karena and Leica.  I got to give them some dolls as gifts. Now what’s better than that. We are spending time with the kids here and the ones at the school at recess. I was here two years ago and what a difference in the kids.  They are growing like weeds.  Phew its hot.

Godfather Bob with Karena & Leica

Haiti in the last few visits is changing . A lot of changes from the earthquake. Good changes. The roads are better the roadsides are cleaner.  There are less tents and more permanent homes. Maybe not to our standards but homes none the less.  Coming off of what we call kidnap alley I noticed the whole mountain  side that was once peppered with tents is now half empty of tents and some permanent  homes are in place.  In some  other places that had no homes now some are built.  Big changes have happened. 2009 I think was my first time here.  The road to get here being about 90 kilometers had about 10 kilometers of pavement . Now the road is great.  I look and we make it here in 2 hours and some compared to 3 and more.  So many improvements have been made for the good of the people. People like myself try to make a difference in at least one person but together we are making a difference for many.  I’m just grateful that I can do this.  Only because at home I have an understanding wife with a bigger heart than mine.  A lady that takes care of  business with and without me there. Thank you LINDA for allowing me to be part of this.  ( Man its hot)

This morning we had an awesome worship service.  We had close to 120 in attendance.  It was hot!!

Church this morning
Construction is not the only thing they do well

Ti Riviere.  We went up to Ti Riviere today we see the house (palace) built by Henri Christoph.  The palace had to be something else in it’s time. It has 365 doors. Any thing over 10 and I get lost. I’d be no good there. We then went to the old fort what a view in the valley breath taking in itself. (Oh did I say it was hot.)

Inside the palace with 365 doors


Checking around the palace property


Inside the fort at Ti Riviere

This afternoon Brian De did a drumming workshop outside Karen’s place with some of the children.  They do love drumming.

Drumming workshop by Brian De

Well that’s all I have to say for now GOD bless everyone who partakes of this experience.

~Bob the Builder