This morning started with devotions and the flag raising ceremony at the school. It was a joyous beginning to our day, they certainly have rhythm!

Flag raising ceremony at school

Cheryl, Lisa and Cathy painted AGAIN! Master carpenter Dave and helpers Ken and Bob made a wonderful wardrobe for the bedroom in the Mission House.

Cheryl still painting herself


Lisa and Cathy still painting


Great cabinet work

Dickie and Karen went back to Saint Marc for supplies and upon return Karen took Dave, Ken and Bob to the Hospital with some supplies for them. Bob, while at the hospital, met the mother of a one time sponsored child of his who is now in her 3rd year of Nursing.

Donating medical supplies to HAS

We gave clothes to grades 4 & 5. We hope to do grade 6 tomorrow and then we will be done. Cathy is still wondering if she shaved her legs for this. Cheryl and Sandra were jumping rope to apples, oranges, peaches, plums while playing with the children. The children all got a toy…girls got a doll and the boys a dinky toy. We colored and played under the parachute and boy did we have fun!

Skipping rope


Playing with the children

Jim was busy being photographer, while he and Dickie were not plumbing. OF course you all know Karen was just relaxing all day as usual! Supper was Martha’s yummy cornmeal dish and after eating Ti Luc was on his way to brush his teeth and get ready for bed when he spotted something ugly on the toilet seat. He had a good laugh and instantly knew who did it.

 Bathroom surprise

We look forward to whatever tomorrow will bring…….we are sure it will be sun!