There is no way for me to put into words what I am feeling. So, to the group that just left – ‘my family group’- THANK YOU. Seven out of the ten are my family and the other three fit in as if they were too. I had hoped, dreamed, and prayed, for some time to get my siblings here together with me. I had given up on it happening. Lo and behold, God put it together, and even better, as my cousin was here too, along with three friends who were every bit as silly and as much fun as the Huxters.

For a few days we were blessed, too, with the presence of Justin Brake, a journalist, from St. John’s. He, too, fit in very nicely with this crazy family. Justin is elsewhere in Haiti right now but will be returning to HATS later on.

Thank you to my wonderful, loving, funfilled, and crazy family – Dickie and Sandra, Ken and Cheryl, Don, Bob, Jim. Thank you to David Buckle, Lisa Edison, and Cathy Verge, for stepping out in faith to come at such a time as we were all together. Ignorance is bliss, but your coming does not fit within that category. You all knew some of us and still decided to come, so I have to believe that it was God who ordained the whole thing.

Family group with my children

A great deal of work was completed. A great deal of laughing was done. A great deal of giving and receiving hugs with my children happened too. It was indeed a God arranged and God orchestrated time together. All who came were a blessing to all of us here at the mission. I have the feeling that the group considers themselves somewhat blessed too for having been here.

Family and friends group singing in church

Luckner and I both say a big thank you for EVERYTHING which includes your kind words in our envelopes, and on behalf of Ti Luc we say thank you for his too.

 Family with Luckner

If I let anyone down, or if I fell short in any way, while you were here, I am sorry. I know I have been running on low batteries for a long time and have seen it especially since October. I have been here onsite alone for the past five years, which is a long time to be the one and only ‘blan’ living at the mission. Every few months the work load seems to increase but I am still ‘only one’. I’ve been trying to keep it all going. My body and my mirror tell me I am extremely tired. Your being here was tremendous for me. I just wish I could have been somewhat rested before you came.

Thank you again from those of us you have left behind.

God bless all of you as you readjust to life in Canada, a different world indeed than Haiti.

With love,