Keith again; Karen forgot yesterday’s blog!!

One job I never expected to have here in Haiti or anywhere is – French Homework Assistant!

Yup, every morning at 7AM I help Ti Luc with his French and geography homework before he heads to school. So far his teacher hasn’t complained.

New bigger steps. I can go in and out by myself now. Yeah!!!


Homework being done without Keith

– for some reason these guys asked me NOT to help them with their homework!

Yesterday and today I spent painting the guardhouse at the entrance to the compound. Who knew that a white man painting in Haiti was a spectator sport!!

Three men watching one blan working


The Captain trying to go up but using a ladder instead of a plane


Wonder if he ever flew his planes while lying down too

Yesterday after work we headed to the school to play soccer. The little kids and I took on the 4 older boys and we may not have won but we
had more fun. They are all amazing soccer players and agile despite the rocks on the field. I am trying to teach them sportsmanship as well as having fun. Thankfully the game got called at 5:30 due to darkness. I was exhausted!

Captain of the skies, captain of a young team


Shoot it Ti Luc


Are you ready Leica

The boys’ blackboard finally got installed today. Jofky was my little helper buddy holding the level and picking up all the nails I dropped. He mimicked all the noises of the drill and made suggestions on where the screws should go. Priceless.

Keith’s trusty assistant, Jofky

I finished the day by playing dolls with Djemima.

Playing dolls in the sandbox