It’s been another great day. Excuse clothes and hair dos because it is so hot that it is pointless to shower and change because you feel the same after. (But we do) It is all about the children so that’s our focus.

The morning began with me (Lily) taking my turn getting Ti Luc ready for the day. He loves fun and has mastered the English language quite well so it makes it quite easy to talk to him.

Lily and Ti Luc

Every morning before Karen’s children go to school they come to the house and gather in a circle for prayer. It is quite touching to hear the children lead in prayer.

We were all thrilled to be a part of the morning devotion and flag break at the school. The children amaze us with their singing abilities and reverence. They look so sharp in their uniforms .

Morning devotions at the school


Flag is being raised

Cathy and I began to organize the storage room. We hardly knew where to start but we were quite pleased with our accomplishments. We were able to sort what was there previously with what we brought down with us.




Joan continued with her administration duties as well as giving us instructions & support when needed.

Carol was busy assorting school supplies and organizing the office. She was also able to get time with TI FI and spent part of her afternoon with the younger children singing, coloring and playing games.

The wood for the benches arrived yesterday. Gary, Al & Keith were able to get a start & spent most of the day at the benches for the church. This is such an exciting project because when the children have devotions & church is held on Sundays, People will actually be able to sit.

Al and Keith bench building


Gary coating to prevent termites

It was Ti Luc’s birthday on Tuesday so the Party is tomorrow, Cathy and I baked cookies. I am sure homemade cookies will be enjoyed by the children.

Cookie time

Before we sat to eat we enjoyed a refreshing walk along the canal. The country is quite lush. It is interesting to see the rice fields being planted. An amazing part of God’s creation.

Cousins Lily and Keith


The lush rice fields along the river


Afternoon walk, Ti Luc is tired

~Lily and Al