Hi, Heather here.  Sooooo…. today was eventful to say the least with some broken bones and the Karen the Taptap driver!

 We started the day with the hike up the mountain for Sandy, Yvette, Liette Joan, Keith and Jocelyn with the HATS kids aged 10 and up, as well as Luckner’s big kids.  For those not on the mountain hike, there was a walk for the little ones with me and Karen.  Having only two adults was less than fun because I held onto two and Karen held onto two and we still had to call after the others to slow down.  Our walk was short lived as some of the kids were running around and almost got hit by a motorcycle.

When we got home, we found out there was no cell service so Karen had to rush over to Deschapelles to wait so she was ready when they got down.  She got there to find out Joan had slipped on the way down the mountain and really hurt her ankle.  Keith piggybacked Joan for the windy part of the path while Liette ran ahead to find someone to give Joan a ride down as she was unable to walk.  No surprise that Keith was not going to be able to piggyback her the 5km home.   With no cell service, they had to be creative.  Liette found a friend to pick up and drive Joan and Keith back to the children’s home.  It looks like Joan has likely broken her ankle so she and Keith are on the plane back to Canada tomorrow and we are praying that she gets better.

After the hike and walk, the kids did their laundry and then went to Papa Luckner’s house so off Karen went again with her Taptap then Liette, Yevette, Sandy and Jocelyn went to the market. Sandy said she had never seen nor smelt anything like that in her life.  For Sandy, the best part was the ride up where they were sandwiched in between Haitians and buckets of fish on the taptap.

After that,  we went to buy coffee and vanilla and pick up the kids so off with Karen again. She was so busy she did not have to time for lunch then back again for dinner and a game with the older kids. Even the kids were so tired they could barely stay awake for Uno so off to bed we go to get ready for church tomorrow.