(Written Thursday – now Friday)

It’s hard to believe it is Thursday already. Time sure flies when you’re having fun……  Thought we might backtrack a little to the day we arrived on the HATS compound. What a joy to be met by such beautiful chocolate faces all wanting to be kissed and hugged!!! Only for as short while though as it was getting late and we had to get our sleeping quarters arranged. Sleeping in our mosquito proof+ed tents in the great outdoors was something we were all looking forward to.

Sleeping quarters

Since we are the two old fogies on this team we thought it would be a good idea to enlist the help of a computer expert to help us with this blog. Thanks very much Ti Luc, you are the best!!!

It was so good to finally meet Nicki and Mike, formerly from Yarmouth, now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who have been Karen’s helping hands for the last three months. Such beautiful people with their hearts in the right place.

An interesting event occurred on our journey to the mission. We had to overnight in Montreal and what to our wondering eyes did appear at the hotel but a sign that stated “ RCMP Haiti Mission”. All Alert!!!!!

Well, the girls anyway. Imagine,a group of fine gentlemen from the beautiful country of Canada heading to Haiti as well!! Dare we attempt to find them?  It’s ok Debbie, your Lacee is safe with us. If she gets out of hand we will call the RCMP…..   These guys are on a year long engagement in the country to assist the Haitian police with further training. Way to go!!

Our day started with a wonderful breakfast, which included fresh fruit, toasted buns and boiled eggs. I have waited a full year for a delicious mango and you can bet I wasn’t disappointed!! Yummy!

After breakfast we held our morning devotions .  As always devotions are the best way to start the day with beautiful singing and prayer from these lovely Haitian voices.

Judel has a friend in morning devotions

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go!!!Another Health Awareness Morning was held where we distributed toothbrushes and vitamins to the school children and spoke with them about health and hygiene.

Mother (teacher) and daughter attending one of our health care days

We then took a quick trip to Luckner’s place (Luckner is the HATS assistant director and school principal and ‘all around go to guy for problems and advice’) for a cold drink and conversation about upcoming events for the week. Oh the joy of riding in the pan of Karen’s tap tap.

After a nice lunch Emma, Jenny, Nicki, and Todd headed out to the devotion room to start bagging food for families.

Measure the food ladies


Karena helping with measuring food for the community


Food measured and cleaning up

As this was happening, Don, Karen, Alycia and Lacee headed into St. Marc for some much needed supplies that weren’t to be found in our area.  They took HATS chief security with them so a new security was put on duty.

New security on duty Thursday

Playing with the children is always a wonderful treat so after our work was finished we had fun time. This included finding hammer and nails, some disposed of wood and a tarp with which we made a tee pee. The kids were thrilled!! They even attempted to make their own!!
Yes Dickie, I did put your hammer back in the same place!!

Fun times in the teepee


Lost in thought in the teepee

The troops arrived safely home and stored away their treasures. Time for supper and to discuss the day’s events and what tomorrow might bring.

There is thunder rumbling in the distance and we hope for much needed rain. The crops really need it. Ti Luc draws our attention to a beautiful rainbow and we gather outside to admire the arc d’ciel . As we write this blog the thunder is getting louder and the rain has started to pour. Maybe we may be able to pull a sheet over us as we sleep tonight!! Oh easterly wind, I dare not take your name in vain again. Not this week anyway.

Evenings bring storytime with Karen which we all enjoy. Time to reflect and learn the many details concerning the HATS mission and children, their stories and their futures. All that and a cup of Red Rose tea. Put the pot on Jenny!!

Good night and God Bless! Now go home!!!!!!!!!

~Don & Emma