Hello from the HATS Internet Cafe…I have been told to sit down and drink some water…a perfect time to take my turn on the blog.  So, here goes…my first post…

I’m a newbie…my name is Carol Patterson…an Early Childhood Educator from Montreal…I am delighted to have been invited to join my friends Joan and Keith on this visit to our HATS Family.  I know that I speak for all of the team, when I say that it is was with the love and support of our extended families that we filled suitcases and hockey bags (Keith guesses about 750 lbs) and traveled to this special place.   When I was at the airport…on the plane…I would catch a team member’s eye… “We’re going to Haiti!  We are going to Haiti!”  I would say with nervous excitement.  Then, as I walked off the plane…my feet touched the tarmac and my eyes took in the lovely mountains…it was not the heat…although it was that hot… that took my breath away… but the beauty that was around me.   I remembered a verse from my childhood…Psalm 121… “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills…from whence cometh my help?   My help comes from the Lord.  Who made heaven and earth.”  God is here.  It was then with peace I breathed, “I am in Haiti.”   Then it was on to meet the children…it’s all about the children.   The singing…the smiles…the hugs…the screams of Mr. Keif…greetings in English…each a loving welcome…pure delight…I was indeed in Haiti and so looking forward to getting to know these beautiful children.

I awoke with the moon still shining ,the sounds of the roosters…the feeling of sweat dripping down my forehead…and the realization that I was in Haiti…Hot Haiti!

A moment from my day…we visited the School this morning!  It was recess and the children were enjoying a little snack and a break from Classes.  As we walked down the path we were greeted by the children dressed in their uniforms and full of smiles and gentle touches.  I was only able to make it as far as the stairs before I was sitting down surrounded by children showing me their smiles.  I would ask what they were eating and they took delight in showing me…telling me (in a few languages…including sign language) what it was…crackers, lollipops, juice, chocolate puffs, a great recess.  Towards the end a little boy comes and joins our circle, he is not smiling and his mouth is if full of a lollipop…still wrapped!  I unwrapped  it and he put the lollipop into his mouth the smile made its way onto his face.  Suddenly there were several lollipops being handed to me and we were talking about the colours and the flavours.  Then the bell rang and it was back to work for everyone…the children to School and the team to their projects…Karen’s to do list!

Enjoy the photos…moments from the team’s day…

Welcome to HATS Haiti


Recess at the School…much better when the wrapper is off!


Lunchtime…I think that she likes it!


Adventures in plumbing…but now we have 2 fully operational washrooms!!!!


Walking along the Canal…It’s been a busy day!

~Carol Patterson