Not only hot oven but wet as well. Hot and humid it is!! With rain and flooding too.

I am sorry I am somewhat behind on my blogging but I have been very busy doing, doing, coming, going, and doing. Oh yes, did I mention ‘doing’?

Well here I am to try and catch up a little with lots of photos.

When my beautiful, grown up, Haitian/Canadian granddaughter, Mariah, returned to Haiti on Sunday she was welcomed with lots of rain and flooding. Welcome back to Haiti Mariah!!

It was raining and the suitcases were wet before we could get them tarped and tied down. On the drive from PAP to Deschapelles someone phoned Luckner to say that the canal, outside our compound, was rising to a dangerous level and the ditch (aka small canal) was full as well and the rain was continuing. Another call followed quickly to say the canal and ditch had overflowed and the water was quickly rushing into the compound. Luckner called someone to send four men to the compound quickly to assist the security agent on duty in getting the huge gate open and to stay and give protection. Along our route home a radio announcer was saying some homes had been lost as water rushed down the mountains taking small homes in its path. As we passed through Liancourt (not too far from Deschapelles) we saw lots of flooding. Houses half under water. Water running out of side roads like fast flowing rivers. Yards that looked like small lakes. Rice fields that resembled big lakes.People lined the streets as they did not know where to go. Mariah was amazed by it all. A call to our compound said the gate had been opened by the five men and the water had started receding slowly.

Liancourt flooded

When we arrived at the bridge, where we turn unto the canal road to go into the mission, we saw problems!! There was water everywhere. It is a good thing it had started to recede. Yikes!! We wondered where exactly the edge of the road was and where the canal started. Luckner got us safely to the gate and when we entered the compound we saw a flooded compound. Much worse than the last time. Luckner kept up a good pace with the truck and pushed the water ahead of us as we plowed through it to my house. Mariah and I went to see the school compound which was badly flooded too. The kitchen was well under water. Thank God school is out for the summer.

Road to compound and canal
Plowing through floodwater on compound
Mariah in school yard after water had gone down some

Luckner and the four men stayed on site with us for hours due to the gate being wide open in the dark. Eventually the men went home, but Luckner left one man to sit at the gate as security with the regular agent. I received a call at 2:00 a.m to say the water had finally receded enough for them to close the big gate.Good. After than I actually relaxed and went to sleep.

This whole area received a lot of flooding. Homes in the Deschapelles area were lost or under water and belongings lost or ruined. Many mountain homes were lost. The water rushed down the mountains and overflowed rivers, canals, etc. If people in this area received damage to this extent what about the displaced people living in the tent cities ?? Dear God help them!!

Mariah got the royal HATS welcome despite the flood waters. The kids were thrilled to have her back. Ti Luc remembered her of course and had been waiting a long time for her to arrive so he was more than happy. They spent some time together that evening.


Mariah’s first night

The next morning Mariah started doing therapy exercises with Ti Luc after which she spent valuable time with all the kids playing and reading to them. This morning she worked with Ti Luc on his alphabet. I’ve already decided I should keep her here. Luckner, Martha, and Antoinette are also very pleased she is with us.

Ti Luc therapy time with Mariah


First morning with Mariah

Yesterday I took Mariah to St. Marc with me. She is too beautiful and she was being oogled by men from approx 18 yrs – old guys. On the way home I told her she can’t leave the compound anymore unless she is covered head to toe. Last night we dressed her in a sheet and I told her that is her wardrobe until she leaves Haiti. She can change the colour occasionally only.

Mariah’s wardrobe for while she is in Haiti

Did I mention I am glad she is here? Did I need to?? Or did you get the idea that we are all glad that she is here with us?

Oh yes, restoration work onsite due to the earthquake is continuing. More on that another time.

Yesterday morning we assessed the flood damage from inside and outside the compound. Now we have started on raising the compound level and are going to make a change on the entrance to and from the compound to decrease the flooding danger. We will work on the school compound before September.

Morning after flood. Luckner figuring out what to do first


Main compound after water had receded some

Please remember to pray for all those living in tents throughout Haiti. One tent city was almost demolished recently by wind and rain. Where are these people living now?? They need our prayers and our support. All of Haiti needs a lot of support. Please pray for those who must make the big decisions as to how, what , when and where things will be done to help the 1 1/2 million displaced persons here. They don’t have any of the things we take for granted. God have mercy upon them.

Blessings to you all.

~Karen & gang