Oh me nerves!

What ever happened to nice quiet relaxing Sundays? Sleep in, quiet time, leisurely breakfast, check the hockey scores and get ready for church. There was just a flurry of activity this morning; kids shouting, phones ringing, Karen’s clinic has re-opened for kids coughing and itching and fevers, there was a snake sighting, water valves open that should have been closed, water valves closed that should have been open, a busted tap and water spewing out onto the patio and this was all before church!!

Sunday emergency call out, double time and a half but the plumber doesn’t look pleased.

Order was “quietly” and quickly restored and everyone headed to church, though some went without showers and some arrived late. Nice crowd, good singing, challenging message and we are re-charged for whatever the week ahead brings us. I sat in my usual spot in the back row with Dieumel and Jofky and we only had a couple of harsh looks from the preacher for not paying attention.

The back row boys

After church the whole congregation, led by Karen, gathered behind the school to check out the progress on the new church construction. Luckner has a new chief mason on the job, as well as a cement mixer and a pack of local workmen. The rocks, re-bar, electrical conduit were all laid and now being covered by the poured cement. The building is about 8 X 16 meters (approximately 25 X 50 ft. for the Texans). They got a lot accomplished this weekend.

The pictures tell the story:

The re-bar is all in place


Shovelling the rocks over the re-bar


Running the electrical wires through the conduit.


Project manager Luckner in the red hat.


The cement mixer arrives


Pouring the cement floor.


Kids checking out the action.


The congregation approves the progress.

Meanwhile on the basketball court Moise gets ready for the summer Olympics.

Nothing but net.


Judel was given a time out and ordered to go outside and think about what he had done. Maybe he was falsely accused because in no time he was sound asleep without a care in the world.

Clear conscience.


Sunday sunset.