That about covers anything that needs to be said about Haiti these days.  We are living in the heat and humidity and suffering it.  We are always hot and very wet.  We have greatly decreased energy.  If one hugs a child one sticks to that child.  When one bathes one feels fresh and smells fresh for 5 – 10 minutes.   My fingers are sliding all over the keys as I type so I will blame any errors on this fact.  We are surviving – well sort of anyway.

When I returned from Canada I did so with two drums for the children to use in church.  They have been enjoying using these along with the two that Beate made while here.  My first couple of days back saw Dieunel and Ti Luc practicing with the drums in my house before taking them to church.

Practicing for Sunday morning


JJ and Moise playing drums in church

As well upon my return each of the children received new duds, the three littlest girls getting ‘princess’ dresses.  I do believe they felt like little princesses too.

Three princesses in princess dresses

One evening recently little Sandra, age 2, decided she wanted to lead devotions.  That little girl is smart, funny and mischevious with the cutest smile and a ton of headstrong determination.   She was the only one at devotions who had a songbook and with the book upside down she sang the words to every song and did so with gusto.  When she asked someone to pray she was peeking to see that it was done right.  She is a joy a lot of the time but boy when she decides she does not like something, or does not want to do something, watch out.

Sandra, age 2, only one with songbook


During prayer in devotions

A friend who works at the hospital came on her horse recently for a short visit.  The kids loved being close to the horse, even getting a short ride in our yard.  It was good for the children to see a horse so healthy and well cared for.  Now they would like one – of course for Mama to take care of in all her spare time.

Peter on Dawn’s horse

We have ongoing generator/inverter/battery problems which amounts to electricity problems.  Recently our generator quit running on one phase out of two which meant for a couple of days there were many areas of the compound in ‘blackout’.  Again Luckner, with the help, pulled us through the crisis and for now the generator is up and running again.

Generator problems

This year Luckner decided to hold a party to celebrate Radio Creole being on the air.  Many people encouraged it and many, many people came.  He encouraged children to come late afternoon while we still had daylight and enjoy the meal before the adultsarrived.  Our HATS kids, as well as many other children in the area, attended.  He gave the kids the opportunity to sing and to share on the air.  Adults from near and far attended and many ofthem shared, up until 6:00 a.m. the following morning, their thankfulness for the radio station.  It truly has made a difference in this area.

Radio Creole studio


HATS kids singing on the air for Radio Creole


Gwo Luckner and Ti Luckner at Fet Radio Creole

JJ has been quite involved in our little church services during the summer time as our worship leader, Yolene, needed surgery.  He has done a good job of leading worship.  Perhaps an up and coming leader for HATS and Haiti.

JJ leading worship

Preparations for school opening continues nonstop.  Eden has started work on badly needed new desks for our lower grades.  Brad will soon be putting shelves in the room next to our school office where I will be able to organize school supplies and all the books. Luckner and I are still in the uniform fabric stage, but soon we will move into textbook purchasing and organizing stage.

School desks underway

We do need new sponsors for this school year so anyone willing to help a student attend school please let us know.  Forms are available through our website at or through Dickie MacDonald at  Thank you!!

Once again I say a huge thank you to all who are a part of HATS in any and every way.  Thank you.  God bless you.

Together we are making a difference.  Let’s keep it  “ALWAYS  ABOUT  THE  CHILDREN”.