Do you believe that God hears prayer??-I do We all woke up healthy this morning..!!!..Rosanna was struggling a bit when she got up , but by noon all her fever etc were gone!! Ti-luc who had such a high fever yesterday woke up saying mama look I am all good again”!! What an awesome God we serve!!

Maybe that’s why the worship this morning was extra special …our hearts just soared. You are definitely more thankful in Haiti for things…like health.

Of course the worship was also special because all the children joined us today .When you see little Jonathan -who is just one year old waving both his hands in the air and clapping to the songs …it just melts your hearts away…What joy!

Friday morning devotions

But it didn’t stop there.. we just had the best day all the way through.  Rosanna did a lot of work for Karen again on the computer

Rosanna continuing to do computer work for Karen

and I ….I know it doesn’t seem fair:)…but I got to spend the whole morning with the babies coloring, reading books , cuddling, etc etc.  I guess God knew I missed out the last time with all the laundry, so He wanted to make up for it. LOL

The little ones having lots of fun with Barbara


Darling Jonathan doing his special laugh for Barb

I just loved my morning. And Rosanna does such a great job she got all the lovin’ and hugs from Karen .So there!:)

Bike riding fun time

And then the rest of the day continued with that theme of games and fun.  In the afternoon the bikes came out and the kids had a blast.

But my favorite part and I think Rosanna would agree..was watching Karen in what seemed like for hours play with the kids.  I do hope she puts a pick in from this (HINT:)

Mama Karen with Sandra

I don’t even know how to describe it because offense…but I have never seen a woman her age with this much energy loving energy that is.

She so inspired me today…and also put me to shame:) She really is a wonderful mother to all these children I wish we could attach the video we took.

Crazy fun time with Mama Karen

Another part that is really meaningful and important to me is all the conversations I get to have with my beautiful Rosanna and Mariah ( Karen’s granddaughter….which also totally inspires me on so many levels).  As the “older ” woman in this I have to tell you….God is raising up a generation of godly young  woman and I am so thrilled that I can be a part of their journey. I thank God for both of them .

Two beautiful ladies – inside and out

There is so much work to be done in Haiti and when I want to give in to hopelessness I choose to see the miracles in front of me and the generations represented here and say -Together God we can do this.  Thank you Lord that all strength , inspiration and blessing come from you.

Lots of love