School finished late June with the report cards being picked up on the 26th.  The school year for 2014-2015 was finished.

One week following this the work for the school year 2015-2016 was started.  Luckner started doing school registrations for September.  Every student wishing to attend IMKH must register for the appropriate year.  Attending the school last year or other years does not mean automatic acceptance. If someone wishes to attend our school the parent or student (if secondary)  must come register.  First come, first served.

School registration

Standing outside the school office and crying the blues when classes are full does not help.  Pushing and shoving to get a place in line for registration does not help as was evident this year when Luckner put all parents outside the office and shut the door.  He refused to do registrations again for several hours until they could see their previous behaviour and they decided to do something about it.

Registering for school in an orderly manner


Room full and porch full

Running a school is a lot of work.  Running a good school is a lot more work.  Keeping tabs on students, parents, results of exams from the year just finished, registrations for coming year, preparing lists for books with the cost of schooling for parents, purchasing uniform fabric, cutting it all up and preparing it to be picked up by parents is all huge jobs.

Work on fabric for uniforms happens in both yards HATS and Luckner’s


Luckner’s boys helping with school uniform fabric


Helping to carry cut up uniform fabric to the school


Picking up school uniform fabric

Then there is the collecting of and going through textbooks, repairing some, junking many, and trying to teach the parents to have patience and consideration for others in line are a few very necessary things we have to do to prepare for the academic part of the next school year.  Then there is the preparing of each classroom again, seeing that there are enough classrooms, enough desks, doing plumbing repairs, necessary changes to plumbing including water for the students, etc. etc.  All of this folks with two people – Luckner and Karen – who are already overloaded with other work.

Recently Luckner held a meeting in our church building to inform the parents of some things about the coming school year they needed to hear.

heading to church building to hear what Luckner has to say


Filing in and filling the building

We agree to do it year after year as children need an education.  HATS’ school IMKH is known as a very good school and we want to see many children throughout our district be able to take advantage of the education offered at HATS.

Those of you who are sponsoring one or more students – we thank you so very much.  If you have not remembered to send in your sponsorship fees for September please do so promptly.  The many things listed above to prepare for this school year is our responsibility.  Paying your sponsorship fees to enable your child to continue with their education is your responsibility.  Please let us see that both get done so the students can continue to grow in knowledge for the present and their future.

When school opens mid September things get a lot more hectic for us.  By October teachers know who their students are and are on a roll with the educating of their classes.  In November Liette arrives to undertake the huge task of doing a photo of every sponsored student in our school and seeing that every student writes a letter to their sponsors elsewhere.  This, however, is only a small part of Liette’s work on sponsored students.  She has to see that every photo and letter is downloaded, labelled, resized, and translated into English.  Then she has the task of sending them all out – for seeing that every sponsor receives the photo and letter from their sponsored student(s).   Along with all this she is responsible for keeping all sponsoring records up-to-date and available to those of us at HATS and those on the board of directors.  As new sponsors come on board to bless a child and their family she matches the sponsor up with a student in need and adjusts the lists accordingly.

We have students waiting, hoping and praying to be sponsored for this coming school year.  If you can bless a child and their family by sponsoring please get in touch with Liette at or through our website.  Thank you in advance.

The Canadian dollar continues to drop in value. This is extremely difficult for us as our work is done in American and Haitian dollars.  The Haitian dollar also continues to drop in value which in turn has all prices here rising dramatically.  This is having devastating results on the Haitian people.  Hunger is increasing and more and more parents are unable to pay for their children’s education.  The students definitely need the meal a day they receive at our school.  The cost of sponsoring has remained the same for this school year.  I, however, need to say if any of our sponsors or supporters in general can add a little something to this year’s schooling costs it would be greatly appreciated. We are struggling to make ends meet to provide a good education for the children.

I think you should also know that keeping track of and keeping good records for the students is a very difficult task in Haiti – for Liette in Canada and for us in the school office.  Students have their names spelled one way on their birth certificates, usually in French, but they spell them differently, usually in Creole, when they write them or spell them for the teacher or for the office records.  The teachers also write the names by what they hear the student say so their list again is different.  Too, often the person doing the registering do not know the accurate spelling of the students’ names.

Taking all this into consideration I think Liette Wilson deserves a medal for the awesome job she has been doing for the past several years.  Perhaps when you see her or need to get in touch with her about your student for some reason, you could thank her yourself.

The children need an education.  The children deserve an education.

I T    I S     A L L     A B O U T     T H E     C H I L D R E N