Warm greetings to all our sponsors of students at IMKH and prospective new sponsors for the next school year.  Thank you so very much for making it possible for your student to get an education in Haiti.  Education is a tremendous blessing in the life of students and their families.  Getting an education gives ‘hope’ as well as understanding.  Proverbs 13:12 – “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”  Thank you for giving them ‘hope’.

I am asking for sponsors to please send your sponsorship funds for the next school year – September 2016 to June 2017-  by the end of June which is fast approaching.  In July we must purchase uniform fabric and get this into the hands of parents so uniforms can be ready by late August.  Every student in Haiti will be getting uniforms made by someone in the community.  Many students do not turn up for various schools in the area each September due to their uniforms not being ready on time.  Our school does not accept students to start late.  Too, your funds are needed for some textbooks.  I ask you to please make a note that the sponsorship funds are due and send them to the HATS Canadian address Box 101,  Yarmouth, NS, B5A 4B1 by the end of next month.  Thank you.

Morning raising of the flag before school.
Recess time at our school

I did a blog awhile back stating HATS was undergoing financial difficulty.  It still is and because of this we do not have the finances to borrow from general funds to cover school expenses for the start up of school while we wait for your funds to arrive.  We need, your sponsorship funds to arrive on time please. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

This school year is quickly coming to a close.  Our school exams are scheduled to start June 8th.   Before exams though we will be celebrating the Haitian Flag on our ‘Flag Day’ May 18th.  Flag Day is celebrated by individual schools -students marching in uniform with flags, music and some Haitian dancing on the school grounds afterwards, followed by a meal for all students.

Last week we once again gave food into the community – starting with our own students taking it to their families.  Thank you again to all who have donated to this cause.

Food going from one truck to another and into the depot.
Food arrived for the school.  Everyone works
Our Dieunel also does his share
Packing food for our school into HATS depot
Depot looking better now
A mother picking up food
Grade 9 student picking up his
Secondary student carrying food for a Preschool 1 student
Two Grade 11 students taking community food home

450 students can make the painted walls of our school very dirty.  Last Saturday we had three students come join us at HATS to start washing the walls.  We saw a tremendous difference in one hour.  This weekend we will continue the cleaning job.  Hopefully more students will come join us in the work.

Washing the walls of our school

Thank you for all your help with the students in our school, children in the community and those who live with us at HATS.

HATS is      ‘A L L   A B O U T    T H E   C H I L D R E N ‘

Blessings everyone.