Recently I posted a blog talking about my need for help here at HATS-Haiti. I mentioned Mariah returning until December and then the Reimer family who would be moving here sometime after she leaves. Now I have a photo of the Reimer family – Brad, Lois, Kaeli, and Peter – to share with you. This is the family who are moving here to share the work load with me.

HATS additional missionaries – Brad, Lois, Kaeli, Peter Reimer

I printed the photo and it has made the rounds of all the children and employees here at HATS. They are all looking forward to having them move here, but no one is looking forward to it more than I am. The employees have started praying regularly in morning devotions for things to work out for this family as they prepare to join us.

My girls asked me to tell Kaeli they are looking forward to her arrival. My boys, not to be out done, asked me to tell Peter that they are anxious for him to come.

My Moise, who is the same age as Peter, and who looks a lot like Peter, asked me to take his photo and send it to Peter. I am posting his photo here too. He wants Peter to know he is ready to be his twin brother as well as his friend. (Many people who saw the photo of the Reimer family actually thought that Peter was Moise.)


Thank you again. I can never say thank you enough for all that you do as a part of the HATS family and the work that HATS does here in Haiti. Let’s keep working together for the betterment of the children in need.


Love and blessings to you all,

~Karen and gang