This is not an easy blog for me to write.

I like working with children.  I like helping children.  I, however, absolutely do not like letting people know when help is needed for the children. I like taking care of the children without having to share the needs to do so.

Many of you have asked over the years that I keep you informed as to how things are here at HATS – in times of sufficient and in times of need. I am sharing now that at this time the HATS mission is in need.  This is the third time in almost 21 years I have actually shared our needs.

The drop in oil prices in Canada, the loss of jobs of some supporters, and the decline of the value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar has hurt us a lot. Our donations have been coming from Canadians so our funds are received in Canadian dollars.  The funds are converted to US dollars and sent down to us to run the mission.  Our Canadian dollars are worth a lot less in US funds.

I have cut every corner I can, deleted every item I possibly can from the menu, am paying personally for everything I eat, and can’t see where else I can reduce expenses.

HATS-Haiti really is all about the children.  The children continue to need to be cared for every day in every way.

If anyone reading this truth has the ability and desire to help us in some way, to continue to look after the precious children in our care, we thank you immensely.

I am going to attach some photos of our children – not showing them in need – but showing they are well cared for – thanks to all our awesome supporters and friends of HATS.  Too, I will include a couple of video clips of our children praying when we join together every day before they head off to morning devotions at our school, and one of a cutie dancing during our worship time in church.

In our times of sufficient and in our times of need we daily thank God for his provision, for family, and for friends.

This weekend the children, and those of us who are caring for them, are thanking God for sending Jesus, for his suffering, death, and especially for his resurrection which ensures us life eternal.

May God bless each and every one of you as you celebrate the resurrection of his death with loved ones.





Sonson returning in style


Helpful older siblings