I’m here in hot and humid Deschapelles, Haiti. If you are looking on a map, the closest you can get to us is the town of Verrette, up past St. Marc. We are just down the road along the canal. Keith and I have been here two weeks and really happy to be back with Karen and the kids.

This week has been a holiday week for the kids as they wrote exams last week and now the teachers are correcting them. With 15 kids home from school it has been a busy week. They do have chores to do but once those are done it is time to play!

Jofky and Anne introduced me to the Haitian version of jacks. You have to carefully choose your stones and then the fun begins.

Haitian Jacks

It was Sandra’s first time playing so she got to hold the pickup stone in her hand and pretend she picked it up. It worked like a charm and she grew more confident as the game went on.

Coloring together

Sandra and Markenson

We spent lots of time in the Playroom coloring…the latest favourite activity. It is wonderful to see how Jonathan and Markenson have improved since our last visit. And there is lots of chatter about who is doing the best coloring!

Judel and Jofky

Sandra saying I got the ball

At any time of the day you can find a group playing hockey but notice in this game who is playing and who isn’t!

Yeah for Jonathan

Getting ready for Sunday on Friday

Today is Saturday and Papa Luckner has invited the kids to his place for the day! Yeah! That’s the kids saying that……really it is!

Off to Papa’s for the day

Cause it is all about the kids!