A Few Funny Anecdotes of our adventures on and off the compound and some photos.

The other night, I (Shondi) had forgotten to bring my flashlight with me and was the last to go to bed. I eventually found my way to my mosquito tent and crawled in – the first time I’d ever gotten in without first thoroughly checking it for bugs and/or surprises. I was reading my kindle soon after and saw something move out of the corner of my eye and then felt something touch my arm. I jumped up so fast and let out a huge scream – only to discover the supposed ‘creepy crawly’ in my tent was actually one of my ear plugs that had rolled out from under my pillow!

Organizing Karen’s cupboards

A few nights before that Mariah was the last to go to bed and came flying out screaming there was something in her bed. Karen heard it downstairs and came looking to find out what was happening. Sandra being the brave one went to investigate and had to remove the 4 blankets she had on her bed (remember the rest of us don’t even use a sheet) and then saw it so used a blanket to pick it up and throw it away BUT the spider hit her arm and she danced and screamed too. Finally we all settled down again but Dickie hasn’t seen the spider since so we are waiting for it to make another appearance.

More time with Mariah’s class today, and one little fellow (who is always a handful) crawled under the gate to the field while we waited for the man to come and unlock the gate. Shondi and Sandra were watching the kids and when we saw him we both laughed and said we would tell Mariah we had thrown him over the gate when she returned. The look on her face when she saw him in there running around was priceless.

Computer, Internet Expert (with a lot of help from Tim)

Dickie has been playing tricks on Martha and Germaine – leaving a snake on one of their bags, putting a spider in the laundry and in the blender, etc. They got him back last night by loading up his tent with corn flakes. He had to take everything out to get rid of them. They said that the wind must have blown the corn flakes in there!

Karen is moving faster today…much faster…. her foot still isn’t healed but it is hard to keep her down for long. We were the objects of her grade 7 English Class as they learned about family so we represented sister, brother in law, niece, cousin, mother, daughter, father, sister in law and others. Sandra had to write on the board because Karen sat on the desk to rest her foot. We had conversations with the students as they had to come and ask us questions. One nice young fellow asked if Sandra wanted to sit towards the end of class…guess he thought that white hair meant she was old. At 4:00PM we had an English Class at Luckners Trade School and again we were involved in the class.

Off to English Class at Trade School

After English Class we went to see the church that Antionette and her husband are building in the country and we saw a lot of Adams (naked men) along the way! We’re not usually out and about at that time – just before dark – I guess maybe that’s bathing time?!

Front of church – Antoinette and Benoit


Inside of the church


Antoinette and Benoit