Valentines is not a familiar tradition here in Haiti, but was quickly embraced by our kids. Thanks to a good friend from Montreal we had a generous amount of supplies. The kids had a blast creating their very first Valentines.

Now if you have had the chance to work with 15 kids at the same time, all different ages and stages of ability, you know that it has to be a controlled activity as much as possible. So Leica helped me put together the bags for each child so that each would feel special.

As my friend Carol works with young kids herself, she wisely provided hearts that were stickers and no glue was needed. The glue is a favorite snack for Magdala!



Leica helped with Bags

When all my explanations were done in my broken Creole, the children started creating their Valentines. There was lots of chatter and comparing of their creations as they went along.

Boys Working on Valentines


Girls Working on Valentines

Judel and Jonathan were very proud of their handy work.

Judel with his Valentines


Jonathan with his

The children that Carol works with in Montreal follow our kids on the blog so have gotten to know them by name. They made their own Valentines to share with the children here.

Finished Valentines


Letters from Carols class

The candy hearts were very much appreciated and of course to get your very own heart shaped container that you can keep is a real treat too. Thank you Busy Bees for helping us celebrate Valentines here at HATS.

Special treats for Sonson


Thank you Busy Bees