It’s Carnival time here in Haiti! The whole country comes to a standstill on Monday for three days. You will probably be able to catch some of it on CNN! Unfortunately they did not show up to film us today but we celebrated anyway. The school had music going, hips swinging and glitter on every face. It turns out that Jonathan is quite the dancer but he is shy and will only dance when no one is watching! Now all the kids are off school till Thursday….the fun is just beginning!

School carnival


 Moise has had enough


The Walk

The walks along the canal are refreshing, good fun, good exercise and quite necessary for me to help alleviate my cabin fever from being locked on the compound. I am sure the kids just think they are good fun and they do enjoy themselves.

The 4 amigos, Judel, Jonathan, Jofky and Keith are ready to roll

First stop was to watch a fire as a farmer cleared off a section of land.

Anyone have marshmallows?

Further along the road we came upon a mother goat and a newborn baby.
The boys were quite excited when the goat went poo. The girls were disgusted.

The goat family

Of course there are the competitions to see who can throw rocks the furthest (JJ) or who can hit a bottle floating down the canal (Keith) or who can hit a tree across the canal (Djemenia) or who can giggle the most. (Leica) I kept counting heads to make sure we didn’t lose a child and somewhere along the way we picked up an extra, a neighborhood friend of Judel.

Jofky, Judel, rental kid Judelens, Karena and Anne

Oh oh, time to get back the sun is setting. It gets dark fast at these latitudes.

Sunset over the Massif Mountains

“ELECTRICITY” – the HATS soap opera – The Sequel

Karen’s house continues to have electricity issues. Luckner and Palto decided to replace all the wiring from the generator to the house, some 100+ meters. (300+ feet for our Texas friends). Hopefully a fresh start will be positive and final. On our trip to St. Marc last week we picked up the wire and the job is taking place as I type. The blog will get posted as soon as we get some electricity……

Stay tuned.