I am hoping and praying that 2011 is a much less stressful year than 2010 was. With the strength of the Lord I got through it all – Earthquake and the aftermath, Death of my beloved Serlande, Cholera, Hurricane Thomas (which caused cholera to rapidly spread), and an election that was extremely corrupt.

The cholera continues to spread especially in the mountain areas. Recently in the area close to us, where the cholera started, all fish were seen dead and animals who ate the fish or drank the water died. We are still taking every precaution possible. The election problems are far from over. When the recount results are made public we are expecting the country to heat up again. I am hoping and praying that if this is to happen it does not do so for awhile.

Sorry for the delay again in getting a blog up. I’ve heard from some of you again saying you have been missing the news and have been looking for it. I’ve had emails and even a phone call from my friend Pat in Victoria. I would like to blog a little every couple of days but I just can’t get to it.

I have a group arriving on Tuesday, 18th, a ten person workteam, seven of whom are family and a journalist, who is doing a piece for CBC. He will spend a short time with us before heading elsewhere. As Sandra said ‘ hope Justin has a good sense of humor’. I say same for other three who are coming too. We are a crazy fun filled family, and we plan to have fun as well as accomplish lots. My three brothers, one with his wife, my sister and brother-in-law, and my cousin, along with three other people, make up the team, and Justin, a CBC . When I see all my siblings together with me here – I will truly have a little bit of heaven on earth. I thank God daily that they are coming, not only coming, but coming together. While here they will blog and perhaps even daily. That will be good for me. I will not have to feel guilty again for another while.

I hate admitting I was ill, but the truth is I recently spent four days in bed. Four hours in bed is the norm for me and certainly not in the day time. Thus when I am lying down I am definitely not doing well. I think it was plain old exhaustion. I was in a lot of pain and I had no energy or strength at all.

Mama not well, Jofky & Karena cuddling her

Martha was on holidays but Luckner called her back in to make something that would help build me back up. Liette jokingly calls it ‘Red Goat’, not Red Bull. Martha takes a goat’s head and boils the heck out of it with lots of vegetables and then puts it through a blender and I drink it. Sound delicious?? It really does give me energy and helps me get back on my feet, and that is all that matters.

Martha preparing ‘Red Goat’ not Red Bull for Karen for strength

The construction work continues on site. The Timbrmart Children’s Home is looking good. The walls inside have been finished and finishing work has started on the outside walls.

Luckner did a great job with the electrical work in the two rooms underneath the water tower building. I am so very pleased to have two big storage rooms, and well lit to boot.

Luckner putting lights in storage rooms

He has just finished a cement pad in front of the new missionary house which will be a blessing for the couple when they move in. He carried the cement pad on towards the kid’s bathhouse. He had to raise that as it was lower than the rest of the yard and was holding all the water.

Work in front of Missionary House


Cement pad in front of Support Missionary House

Speaking of the Support Missionary House, I have good news. As of today I have a commitment from a young couple, Seth and Jessie Huber, from Illinois to come for a year. They will be a help to both Luckner and I in our many varied tasks. The plan is for them to move here at end of February. Please pray for them as they take care of things on their end to come and serve the Lord in Haiti.

On Thursday we had another visit from the UN troops in St. Marc. The last time I wrote about their visit I think I confused you a little. There was only one Canadian who came. He was a policeman from Quebec. The UN contingent based in St. Marc are from Argentina. They came this week with gifts for the children and brought four cakes baked by their chef. It was a lovely visit (approx 3 hours) and enjoyed by the troops and the children. Martin, the Canadian, came for a short time, along with another Canadian police, Sylvain, for the first time. Martin and Sylvain had another commitment so did not stay long. One of the guys knew some English so we managed to communicate okay.

U N happy group


cake delivery


Happy Moise with his gift


Dieunel happy with his trucks


Mirlande served us food in her new dishes

My children are all doing well. Schools in Haiti reopen tomorrow and I think they are anxious now to return to school. I am planning on allowing Judel to start preschool this week. First I need to go to St. Marc tomorrow and purchase fabric for uniform shirts. His shorts are ready. Next blog I will put a photo of that cute little boy in his school uniform. Jofky and Karena continue to delight all of us. I had Jofky with me Thursday morning and enjoyed every minute. He saw himself in a mirror for the first time. He was shocked when he tried to touch the little boy he saw. Then when he saw me in the mirror too, and also behind him his face was priceless. I so look forward to when I can pass some of the worload over to Seth and Jessie, and I can have some real time with my children.

Jofky’s 1st time seeing himself in a mirror

Ti Luc continues to want to do everything everyone else can do and he slowly and steadily masters things. He wanted to carry his mattress on his head by himself. Well, a mattress is difficult for anyone to carry due to its length so he needed a little help, but we allowed him to think he was doing most of the carrying.

TiLuc helping carry his mattress

During the past difficult stressful year, your loving support and prayer carried me through. Thank you for standing with me, for being a part of the team. We have been, and are, making a difference in the lives pf people in this area.

Matthew 25:40 Jesus said “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.”

“You can give without love, but you cannot love without giving.” You have given of yourselves in many ways. You have shown us a lot of love. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart and from my children.