Saturday – An extremely busy day!!!!

Thank you, God, it finally happened. The cement roof was poured on the water tower building yesterday. Luckner got the electrical work done and we were off and running when the blocks made it here. We had thirty workers on site yesterday.

Water Tower Electrical Work
Roof Pouring on Water Tower

Also had a visit from some blan friends. Dr. Don who is returning to Canada tomorrow. Drexey from Florida who was the first therapist to work with Ti Luckner. Drexey was thrilled to see Ti Luc walking around today. Another blan, Dave Oswald from SD, who is involved with Helping Hands for Haiti, dropped by with Drexey to meet me and see what I do here. Both Don and Drexey were pleased to be able to see first hand the busy and very hard work of pouring the cement roof. Imagine, in atrocious heat and humidity, trying to stand on the rung of a ladder for five – six hours passing heavy buckets of cement up the ladder to the person in front of you. They deserved every dollar they were paid today. Now it needs to sit and dry for a couple of weeks.

Finished roof & Dr. Don


Drexey, Baby (Luckner’s daughter) & Ti Luc

Work continued on the Kid’s Home all week. Anyone recognize the Kid’s Home in the blog photo? Kid’s home on the bottom and new missionary house on top. Workers will return to Kid’s Home on Monday. Lots of work to be done there yet – outside and inside.

Kid’s Home – New Home

There is something special about a photo on this blog. It has some of my kids in the yard. But for the first time it shows Ti Luc standing and the other children sitting. What a wonderful change.

Big change – Ti Luc standing others sitting

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers connected to HATS in any way. May this next year be a blessed one for all of you. Thank you to those who sent me greetings.

A special thank you to my two precious daughters. Dana-Lynn and Liette for their very loving words that touched my heart in a big way and caused tears to flow. Thank you. God bless you both. You are both very precious gifts from God. Thank you for all your support and encouragement for what I do and acceptance of the small amount of time I have in Canada with you and my grandchildren. I truly wish I could have more time with both of you.  Your loving support and acceptance makes it possible for me to be a mother to needy children here. I don’t know what I would do without you both behind me!!! You are special. You are precious. You are loved.