May you all enjoy a fun weekend with family and friends as you celebrate that the Lord is risen. Things are going well here. Nothing new happening but it is time to share a little of our lives with you again.

Tuesday saw us celebrate three birthdays – Mirlande turning 11, Leica 8, and Sandra 1-yr-old. We had a fun partytime. Our little Jonathan has recently six months and so Mama Karen decided to spoil him a little at the party. I took some miniscule pieces of Oreo cookie and placed in his mouth to try. Wow, he loved the taste of it. When it was finished he would screw up his face and wail . Give him a little more and he would be very pleasant. It was just too cute. Papa Luckner promised the children that for their birthdays he would give them a gift of a small tub of icecream – a royal treat indeed. He did and it was fun to watch. Mirlande and Leica enjoyed theirs and shared spoonful after spoonful with the other children. Little Sandra just sat there putting spoonful after spoonful in her mouth. She didn’t waste any and she didn’t share any.

My three birthday girls, Leica, Mirlande and Sandra


Sandra doing a good job with her icecream


Tiny piece of Oreo cookie finished


Thank you Mama for another tiny piece

Yesterday was Jou Kane (Report Card Day) at our school. Parents and/or students came to pick up the report cards. Now we remain closed for another while before getting back to the work of the last trimester of this school year. All of our children passed, but most did not do as well as the last report. With encouragement and a little pressure from Mama, hopefully they will bring their averages up in June.

Mariah giving out her student’s report cards

Ti Luckner was quite happy and proud when he left for his report card yesterday. He was dressed just like his Papa Luckner. Luckner had shirts made for himself and Ti Luc – exactly alike. Ti Luc decided his shoes had to be black and shiny like papa’s too. It was too cute.

Papa Luckner, Ti Luckner


Papa Luckner looking at Ti Luckner’s report card

We continue to take late afternoon walks along the canal whenever we can. We all look forward to these outings. Every time we go one or two of the children are too tired to continue walking and then the two strollers come in handy indeed. Recently two needed a spot in a stroller as they were very tired – one was our adorable little girl, Anne and the other looked a lot like our old old girl, Mama Karen.

HATS new child looks a lot like Mama Karen


Brother & sister.  Best friends.  Jofky & Karena


Jonathan’s first walk in back carrier


Judel & Anne

Thank you everyone for your continued support of many kinds.


We are together in this work to help children in the Artibonite Valley. Let’s continue to work together to help make changes in the lives of the children.

“Remember one person’s life being changed is more important than all the material things the world has to offer.”

~With love from Karen and gang