I want to send out a big thank you to all of you Canadians who help support our Mission. Actually, a humungous thank you to our international supporters too. I can assure you that each and every dollar you send is spent taking care of these beautiful Haitian children,  supporting those who would otherwise never be able to go to school, and providing food and clothing for the very poor in our community.

Ronaele is impressed

As I, Heather, quickly write this blog, we are all praying for the continued support.

Ti Luc came to the house to do some computer work, and Dieunel came to help him.  It is amazing to see how well he uses his feet to move across the keyboard on his Ipad.  I’m almost certain his feet move quicker than my fingers!

Ti Luc’s homework

Canada Day at HATS was one of the most amazing celebrations I’ve ever been part of, from the singing of O Canada, to the relay races and water balloons.

Anne you goooo says Beate


Djemima inching the ball over the finish line


Ti Fi is the wet sponge master

Everyone wore their Canada red, and the decorations on the compound would make any Canadian feel like this was their home away from home on this July 1st celebration. We even had the pleasure of having Luckner’s boys celebrate with us.

Happy Canada Day

Even Mama Karen put on her running shoes and her game face!

Run Mama and Jonathan


LaRee that feels great says Magdala

The water games were enjoyed by everyone, seeing as our thermometer showed a temperature of 42 degrees in the sun and 35 degrees in the shade!

Sandra squeeze that sponge


Sandra gets Beate

After the races, we all took a break for a little snack, then broke open the bottles of bubbles to finish off our  Canada Day fun.

enjoying bubbles…thanks, Heather

The day is not coming to a quiet end, as we sit and listen to the sounds of the thunder rolling across the sky.  Some of the children have come up for a short computer lesson before bed, and we’re praying for rain to cool us off after a hard day’s work of having such fun!

Okay…so our prayers were answered…it feels like a hurricane coming down on us right now ha ha ha.

~Beate & Heather