Once a month or so there is a birthday celebration for any of the children who have birthdays during the month. Well, Sunday was the day we celebrated some birthdays of some little ones (and not so little ones!).

the birthday “kids”

It was quite a party! We served pizza. The big kids were especially excited about trying pizza for the first time. Some of the younger kids wondered what in the world this strange new food was. Karen and Mike and Nicki were so excited to taste pizza again!

Oh, the pizza!


The kids were seated and eagerly waiting for the arrival of the pizza!


Cake for everyone!


Markenson enjoyed his cake


So did Dickieson

And taste it we did…We made so much pizza there were leftovers. JJ and Moise tried to make sure there would be no leftovers but Mama Karen put a stop to that!  ; )

Each of the birthday kids and Nicki had their own bag of presents to open. Sandra was happy with a pink carriage with wheels, Dickieson (Sonson) was happy to get a new ball, and Markenson was happy with some new machines. Nicki received a hand painted bowl and a hand woven purse from Karen. Nicki was also happy to receive an American bag of licorice!

Sandra getting her gift delivered to her


They loved the gifts!


Happy birthday, Sandra!

After pizza a birthday cake was served with chocolate frosting…it was a huge hit with everyone. What a treat to be in on some birthday celebrations! However, with 18 kids, I’m sure it won’t be long before we have some more birthdays to celebrate. I hear Mama might be having a birthday next month…

~Mike and Nicki