It is soooooo sad to say goodbye here. It has been an emotional day!

We all finished up our projects or new little jobs today, then went partying with Luckner, Rose Lore, Girlancia and all the students at the trade school who are studying English. We had cake, cold drinks and wished Mariah a Happy Birthday in 3 languages. Luckner went on the air wished her a Happy Birthday and played a song for her and some Newfie music for us. We had a great time.

Birthday girl  and massage parlour


Birthday girl with Baby Jonathan and opening gifts


Celebrating birthday at Luckner’s


English class celebrating Mariah’s birthday

We don’t leave tomorrow morning until 7:30 AM so will say goodbye in the morning… will be hard! Many tears will be shed and wishes to return will be shared.

We will be travelling in the truck and there will be a fight for the back as it always is when we travel. I am sure we will share the fun.

That’s our trip this time around…we have loved our time here and been loved by the kids, Karen, Mariah and staff.