We have been here a week already time … flies when you are having fun!  The down side of that is there is only one week left and it will pass all too quickly.

We played Train again last night and will continue the game this afternoon before supper.  They are good and enjoy it a lot Dana, a great choice for a gift!  (too much fun was being had outside and the game was postponed to tomorrow.)

Last night was a long night for me..asleep at 9:00  and awake at 11:00 then back to sleep until 1:30 and no more sleep since.  I heard all the regular Haitian night noises and watched the stars and flights pass overhead.  It was a treat to get up this morning.  Jim was waiting for me to get out of the shower last night and fell asleep down stairs and Dickie woke up and realized the generator was still on so got up to go down and awaken Jim so he could go to bed! He said I was talking in my sleep…how could I argue with him?

I have a very handsome admirer, he arrives early morning with a handful of flowers for me and then a couple more times a day with one.  It really is so special as he comes beaming until he gets close to me and then gets very shy as he gives them to me.  I try to wear one in my hair every day and I have a big bowl of them on my desk and I bring him in there to see them.  I want him to know I appreciate him.  He prayed yesterday morning before school and he prayed only for me, then today he prayed only for Dickie!

Sandra with her adorable admirer


Jonathan getting a thank you kiss from Sandra for yet another flower gift

Karen is always busy and now that school is open she spends most of the mornings there.  We are all back and forth several times to see kids, get something  or look for someone.  Got 2 more photos and letters today, Liette.

Today is payday so that is one of my more pleasant chores….everyone is happy on payday!

Contemplation or prayer?? Or???

Moise and JJ have just won Mama over and have gone down to Papa’s to watch soccer on his television. Chauffeur Dickie and security Jim drove them down.
The little kids are all playing outside the door and what a commotion!  It is all in fun BUT what a noise!  They do play well together and have wonderful imaginations!

Fun time before dinner


TiFi enjoys being with Sandra


Please Leica I want a cookie

Lots of odd jobs and a lot of food for the school moved today.  We had 12 students come after school today to receive gifts from their sponsors.  It is always fun to give out the gifts and watch their faces.

Joanne (cousin of ours and sister to Jim) had a recipe for Amish bread on her facebook last week and Karen said she would love to have a slice.  After several days of looking for yeast we have bread in the oven as I write this.  Germaine was watching me closely as I made it, I hope it turns out okay.  The yeast is different from what I use at home and comes in a giant package….I would have to make bread several times a day while I am here to make a dent in it.

We spent some time going through files, folders and emails today looking for info to once again try
for Ti Luc’s orginal paper work so she can apply for a visitor’s visa for him to go to Canada and to apply for his Canadian citizenship.

Germaine and Roselene made us a big jug of mango juice today.  You haven’t lived life to the full until you have had some!  It is the last mangoes of the season and there won’t be any for another few months so we are enjoying these to the max!  If we slow down and savor them we should have enough to last until  Sunday!

the last of the mango juice