It’s always fun on Sundays to watch the kids arrive for service all cleaned up and dressed for church. Yesterday they were excited to see the fresh church paint thanks to Yarmouth team and we had a special guest.

Going to church


Little Stevie Wonder was in attendance.


The bossy sisters and Jonathan

Little Jonathan spends so much time being bossed around by his sisters Sandra, Anne and Karena that he has an identity crisis.

What’s up Jonathan?


I agree with Leica (Giggle Girl) Jonathan is hilarious.

Some people like the smell and sizzle of bacon on the skillet for breakfast. Some people like the smell of coffee percolating. I like to listen to the branches crackling and the thud of the mangoes as they hit the ground outside our bedroom window.  Then it is just a matter of picking up a half a dozen and presto –  fresh mango juice. Life is good.

Breakfast is served.

There is exhilaration to moto riding like none other; the open road, the wind through your hair, the smells, the speed and the camaraderie. It’s fun to stop at the local watering hole and discuss the machines, police speed traps and have a snack.

HATS Angels riding club outside Café Timbermart

Don’t you love the feel of a cool fresh pillow? Especially in the heat and humidity. Thanks to Brooks and his Mom and Russ and Louise and their churches, the kids all have new pillows and pillowcases.

Sweet dreams

We had our last staff meeting this morning. Yup – Joan and I are headed home to Montreal tomorrow. After 17 weeks spread over 7 months this winter we are going home for the summer.

Karen has already started the negotiations for us to return…Stay tuned!!!!!

Yes boss. Un hun. Maybe .


Because it is all about the children.