It’s Sunday and what a great way to start the day…we went to church of course. Yolene led the service, with little Karena assisting her, and we had several performances from a variety of choirs. The HATS children sang as a group, even wee little Magdala. It was truly wonderful. Karen asked me I had anything I would like to share when she was talking to the children…me???…okay I’ll wing it.  I spoke about an experience that I had had in the afternoon the day prior. I was alone upstairs where the teams sleep, and as I looked around me, I let the beauty that surrounds me enter my soul. God did make this a beautiful world, and one just has to open up to Him and to it. I saw things that I never noticed before; the walking path behind the cornfield to the back of our property where I, for the first time, saw people walking. Then, as I looked into the neighbour’s yard (I have seen the humble home many times), I noticed something different. And if you look closely at the photo, you will see a well laid out garden to the left of the door. The yard is neat and clean, and it is obvious that  these people are  very proud although they have “nothing” according to our standards.  God is with us and His beauty is all around us.

Humble & Beautiful

While we were in church, the wonderful Canadian police officers, Veronique, Valerie and Guillaume were busy repainting the boy’s home. They did a fantastic job and are coming back next Sunday to paint their bedrooms. The boys were so thrilled, and it looks great. They kept saying “Thank you Mama that our house is a beautiful blue and no longer pink.” Thank you Veronique, Valerie and Guillaume so very, very much.

Great job Veronique


Mama is inspecting & liking what she sees


thank you for painting

Not only did these wonderful people paint, but they brought all the fixin’s for a hamburger cookout, including corn on the cob North American style.  The kids got the recho  which most people in Haiti use to cook everything and charbon (charcoal).  Karen decided we could use the recho as a sort of BBQ.   The older kids got the charcoal started with some guidance from the Canadian outdoors woman (ha ha) Beate. Then I had the honour, with Valerie’s help, to burn, I mean, cook the burgers.

Lighting the charcoal


Beate & Valerie flipping burgers


whoops, a bit burnt is okay right

Karen was so super thrilled that that woman managed to  pack away a whole burger by herself and a cob of corn!

Friends enjoying a hamburger meal

Thank you again Veronique, Valerie and Guillaume for your help with HATS. I am leaving on Wednesday, and Karen will be here by herself again. It is comforting to me that these police officers are going to try to drop by on Sundays. Nothing like seeing a UN police truck pull up to the compound to add to the security.

I ended my day with another first in Haiti…BEATE DROVE TO LUCKNER’S!!!…yes, Karen asked me if I wanted to drive, and I said YES. Was I nervous…YES…fortunately it was late Sunday afternoon, and there was hardly any traffic. I got onto the main road, a tap tap was coming, so I had to press the gas a bit. It was surprisingly very slippery. Good thing I’m used to driving in the winter without snow tires. The off-road part was exhilarating. I drive a wee Honda Fit, so I’m not used to a large truck. And the back road is only big enough for one vehicle…luckily, I did not encounter any oncoming traffic. Anyway, the event was for me such a thrill, and put the icing on the cake to another great day at HATS.

I got to drive in Haiti…ahhhh