Brooks here (with an assist from David – which also describes our soccer match). We asked first timer Tina to blog, but she said, “There’s too much to see, too much to take in, too much to talk about and think about.” I guess that means she’s loving it here but we have to blog.

The day started with wonderful news for the two of us. Once again, we were reunited with a bucket of Aqua Chintz, our favorite Haitian color, with orders from the red-headed general to go paint at the school. We happily obeyed (and considering the story we heard from DG at dinner, we’re certainly glad we obeyed).

Brooks happily playing with Aqua Chintz paint again

Julie and Tina opened their own Haitian branch of Merry Maids and cleaned out Karen’s school office.

Tina & Julie helping with major cleanup of school office

The love birds Jake and Jen finished the touch up of Kay Margo, or at least that’s what they claimed they were doing while the rest of us were at the school. All we know is that Jake returned with a red face (see yesterday’s blog for reference)

Jake & Jennifer putting final touches on Kay Margo

After lunch, we were “forced” to play with the kids. You’d think they’d leave us alone so we could get back to work. But we sacrificed slaving away in the hot sun with paint rollers to run and laugh and play. Such is the life here at HATS.

Karena – Look Mama I really am a big girl now.


Kids greeting Julie’s husband on ‘facetime’

We also had special guests here for lunch. Marie and her beautiful daughter Niesa visited us from PAP. David met Marie and her husband on his first trip here in 2008. Her husband, Pastor Alberoi, lost his life in the 2009 earthquake. Since that time, David has stayed in touch with and looked out for Marie and her children. It was great to spend a little time with them over lunch. She is doing well and her kids are growing up and performing great in school, at least according
to Niesa.

After play and lunch, we got back to work, and Tina had the privilege of painting with Aqua Chintz for the first time. It was obviously a powerful moment for her, and her hair still carries a streak of Aqua Chintz as I type this.

Brooks’ favourite colour Aqua Chintz is looking good now – thanks to Jennifer

At 4pm, we were given red uniforms and a challenge from Pierre Jean Jacque, also know around these parts as JJ, He wanted an IFF rematch and predicted a 20-3 victory for the HATS team. The Canadian-red uniforms magically transformed a rag-tag team of Texans, a Canadian goalie, and Djemima, Leica, and Ti Luc into champions. As impressive as “the Miracle on Ice” in Lake Placid was in 1980, “the Miracle on Rocks of 2014” will live on in infamy as the greatest upset in Haitian soccer history. Final score – NANSA 5, HATS 4 (Though Brooks is convinced he scored 2 more goals that JJ of course overturned).

Pre-game photo


Go Djemima & Ti Luc Go


Playing under a beautiful Haitian sky


Our Djemima is an athlete

We then celebrated over dinner as Brooks attempted to change everyone’s lives by telling the true tales of the Sasquatch, which no one else here believes for some reason. To quote Keith, “Your American education system is lacking.” For shame, Keith. For shame. I’ll have the last laugh when Sasquatch are proven to exist.

Time to rest up our bodies so we can enjoy the most energetic and fun church service we know of.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

~Brooks & David