Ugly to beautiful

But first, we spent a very special hour at the school for a Mothers Day celebration. The children sang songs devoted to their moms, there were poems, plus great excitement when the special gift for each mother was given to each child. Little baskets which the teachers and the ladies on our team had made up the day before contained biscuits and lollipops. Because it was a special day, school was let out early and the children left with the gifts which they carefully held and carried. Some of us also toured the mission house where Jessie and Seth are living. They shared with us how they’ve made this spacious, bright home their own for their year-long stay.

Mother’s Day Devotions


Singing for mothers


Karen with gifts from her children from school

And now, a word about insects….
Haiti has them in abundance and they are often of unusual size. Some members of our team are especially hoping they don’t see a full grown tarantula during their week here. However, the painters at the back of the house yelled today so that a young but rather large spider of the tarantula family could be photographed against a white wall. Eeek.

It also seems that we have a budding Newfoundlander in our midst, Ti Luc. Dora was playing some good old Newfoundland tunes today, including “I’s the B’y” and some Great Big Sea when Ti Luc started to dance. He obviously has wonderful taste in music.

This was also a day of childhood revisited as the team was treated to a glorious downpour that brought our first relief from the 40 degree-plus heat. As the skies opened, we skipped with the children, had water fights, and generally soaked each other. What a time. And, oh yes….the house is nearly painted. It looks wonderful. Tomorrow is our last working day. We will finish the last of the painting and some other jobs during that time.

House almost finished

More news and photos to follow.

From your friends here in Deschappelles,
We wish you a good night.