Guess who has returned to visit us for a week?  Yes, Jessie and Seth. We are all very happy to have them back again and no one more so than Mama Karen. She is thrilled to have help onsite again.

Look who has returned to visit their HATS family

Jessie and Seth lived and worked with us for a year and left us as two. Now they have a little girl at home they hope to adopt and a baby on the way. They are having a boy. Yay! Thank you God.

Seth has been doing some minor plumbing repairs today. Jessie has been teaching Ti Luc to read in English, preparing pay envelopes and paying the employees, and both are spending valuable time with the children, plus doing everything possible to help where ever needed.

Parachute game


Where is everyone

Our two new boys are doing well. They are settling in nicely and glad to have us as their family. Markenson, age 4, has been a normal little boy, trying us on to see what he can get away with and learning it is not much.  He smiles a lot these days and on Monday he will start attending our school.

Our two new boys ready to see doctor again


Markenson smiles a lot these days

Sonson is opening up too, likes to play with the little ones and loves to spend time with Mama Karen  Two more little ones have been saved.

Judel with Sonson




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Thank you to those of you who came forward to sponsor these boys. We have had more offers to sponsor than we needed.  Thanks so very much.

Big boys glad to play with Seth again


Brotherly fun


Craft time


Time for a walk

All the children are happy to be back at school.  Too they are thrilled to have Seth and Jessie back again for awhile. When Seth and Jessie have to leave again the kids will have only two weeks to wait to get Keif and Jon back. More help is on the way and Karen is absolutely thrilled about that.

Thank you once more for caring and helping.  We can’t do what we do here to help children without all of you supporting us.

I T   I S   A L L    A B O U T    T H E   C H I L D R E N

God bless.