Greetings once again from Newfoundland. We will soon be on our way back home to Haiti. The first day Luc and I can return, after having been here the required amount of time in 2017, is October 17th – we fly to Haiti on the 17th. We leave Newfoundland on Monday, 16th, overnight in Halifax, leave there very early morning on 17th, along with Jocelyn Pittman from Yarmouth Wesleyan Church, who I can happily say is joining Luckner and I in the work at HATS. As well Brian Bowers is returning with us for a week to once again help everywhere possible and spend valuable time with the children. It will be a fun busy week.

Then one week later, Oct 24th, our trusty and faithful HATS couple, Keith and Joan Wight are returning as well.

Luckner has not had much help during the past months – three return trips by me to work for some weeks, and then back to Canada; special visitors late May, and again late July-early Aug. Otherwise he has handled all his work at the school, in community, and taken care of everything at HATS without support. It is time for us to get back there and try to take some pressure off this godly, very special man, Mr. HATS-Haiti, and allow him to return to his regular work load with HATS, which is huge on its own.

He is worth so very much, more than any words can express, to the mission, Hands Across the Sea, and I want to take this time to thank Luckner for all he does to keep every area of the mission running properly. The man walks daily in honesty and integrity, with a heart for all his people, and especially for children, to see that they are properly cared for and educated.

Luc has loved every minute of his time in Canada but, like his mama, he is very ready now to return to our HATS-Haiti family. I am attaching more photos of his time here. Soon you will start hearing, from one of us four missionaries, from the mission site in Haiti, with photos of our other children.

God bless each and every one of you.

A fun UNO game with family

Birthday cake for Luc. (error in spelling of name)

Celebrating Luc’s birthday with our church family

Dancing with a staff member at Springdale Retirement Centre

Dinner and fun with Heather and family and friends

Enjoying time with residents

Getting a ride in Police car with Paula

Going for a road trip without Mama

Loves being with Ron and Regina

Luc happy and thankful for the gift of new iPad

Luc likes to go to what he calls ‘Uncle Don’s Soccer Field’.

Luc loves Paula and her family

One sleeping beauty and his Uncle Don

Someone loves early morning sunrises like his mama does

Speaking to residents of Springdale Retirement Centre

With friend, Gina, at Abbey’s birthday party

With the owners and employees of the retirement centre