Greetings from what is jokingly know these days as the “Mud Mission” But as you will see that is quickly changing. We are doing everything possible to change the name of the mission back to HATS.

Our family is growing. Here is our newest addition yesterday – a cute one-year-old girl. I have not yet decided on a name for her. The story we have been given is that her parents died in PAP in the earthquake and she was recently brought to Verrettes and dropped off.

Mama and her newest one

My gorgeous granddaughter quickly became a mother when the little one arrived. Not bad. Someone 17 1/2 coming to Haiti to help and in a very short period becoming a mother. I figured my new little one most likely was not used to my colour skin and would adjust more quickly if Mariah held her. Mariah held her lovingly and gave her something to drink and eat and she quickly attached to her. Now she wants Mariah all the time. Mariah went to the kid’s homelast night and walked and sang her to sleep. It is sweet to see the two of them together. I love it!! Now I know what Mariah will be doing a lot of the time she is here. Today she followed Mariah around like any baby (human or animal) follows its mother. Yesterday she called me Mama. Today no one is Mama besides Mariah.

Mariah and her first child

Two ladies brought her to the house and we sat in the gallery. Ti Luc was fascinated. He wanted to be close to “bebe”. When it was time for them to leave I asked Mariah to take the little one into the house and out of sight. Ti Luc and Leica went in too. When the ladies left Ti Luc scurried into the kitchen and said to Martha (in Creole of course) “Martha, I have something good to tell you. They left without the baby.” Then he danced with joy. Martha was absolutely thrilled about the beautiful phrasing that Ti Luc used when talking with her and with the joy on his face about the baby staying with us. When she needed a nap Mariah put her in Ti Luc’s bed. He was quite pleased about it.

Ti Luc who’s that sleeping in my bed

Lots of work going on these days to raise the level of the compound due to the flooding problem which gave us the name Mud Mission. Luckner has work going on inside and outside. When it is finished I will no longer have great concern when heavy rain comes. No guarantee we will not get a little water sometimes but we will not flood as in the past. We have decided to raise the level of the bridge unto the compound as well. This means we will also need to raise the entrance gate. He is putting in draining pipes so when the rain comes the water inside the compound will run outside.

Work proceeding on compound


Another truck load of gravel


Luckner at work on drainage for compound


The work continues

This kind of work needs cement – lots of it. Early this morning a delivery arrived.

Cement delivery this morning

Sunday we had a lovely afternoon with a visit from Heather and family, a friend of hers and her family, and a gentleman (pastor I think) from the US who are presently at the Borel mission. Some Bible stories were told with visual helps which greatly touched my kids and the two house mothers. As of September Heather and her children will be living in Borel. That will be good for myself and my children. We can occasionally get both families together. Yesterday, Monday, we had another great visit from the Borel mission. This time from Theresa and her children and a couple from the US. “Better than Christmas” was what I overheard one of my kids say to another one after they had discovered all that was in their gift sacks that the couple presented from their church. Hopefully January will also see Theresa and her family living in Borel.

Heather & kids, friends & kids with us


Kids with gifts from a couple representing their church in US

Despite all the work on the mission site this morning I took Mariah to see her biological father, his wife, her two half brothers and a half sister. She had a very nice visit with them. They, of course, were thrilled to see her. I am glad we went today. Her father is obviously so happy and proud of who Mariah is – how she has turned out. And so am I.

Mariah with biological father and family

Again, thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support of what we are trying to do in this area of Haiti.

Jesus said ” Let the little children come to me.” We are trying to help Haiti by “Changing Lives, One Child at a Time.”

God bless you all.

~Karen and family