Rainy season is here. If not raining I start my night in my mosquito tent on the grass. Most nights I find I am getting wet and move it under the carport. Every morning the two mosquito tents (for Ti Luc and I) get moved into the yard so the construction work workers can move back and forth to the water tower building. The past three afternoons the rain came and we had to rush outside and move the tents under cover. That is a very very small inconvenience. Please remember, and pray for, all those living in tents in and outside of PAP. Many have tarps over their tents but I recently saw that many do not. Even with a tarp the water is going to run under and into their tents. And outside they will have mud to contend with. Whenever I move our little tents due to rain my heart breaks for all those people who can’t move their tents and have no coverage at all for them. Dear God look after these people.

Presently the workers are putting the stairs to the second level of the water tower building and then the tanks can go up there. Two of the 1000 gallon tanks have been emptied and cleaned by Jacques (all by himself) and ready for moving. We need to get more plastic pipe so the water can be hooked up properly. We plan to hook up two tanks and when they are providing water we will continue with moving the others.

Last week the fridge in this house and also the one in the Kid’s Home packed it in. They are not working at all. Luckner is looking for someone to come and check them out. Today I asked Martha and Germaine to take the fridge out of the kitchen as it is just taking up space. Too, I am so used to using it there that I keep putting food into it and it keeps spoiling. They pushed it into the living room.

Ti Luc came home from school and paid no attention to the fridge in the living room. He went into the kitchen after awhile and sat down. Then he saw the big empty space. He became excited and a little upset. He was quite vocal. I decided to check out what was going on. He pointed with his feet to where the fridge should have been. He said clearly, in Creole, “It was there when I went to school.” Long pause. “Now it is not there.” (I was thrilled with his sentences and spoken clearly.)

He then noticed it in the living room. He stood up, walked to the fridge and started trying to push it back into the kitchen. He even tried kicking it to move it. He kept saying “For kitchen, for kitchen”. It was so darn cute and funny. I’m glad I grabbed my camera.

(NOTE: Unfortunately when our blog was migrated to WordPress the photos for this post were lost.)

Thank you and love from all of us here at HATS.