I do not know when this blog will be posted but it is being written Monday morning, May 2nd, 9:00 a.m.

No internet.  No water.  Still have my sense of humour though. Fun and games at HATS. The important thing is we do have God and he is good all the time.  We are thanking him for all that is happening and yes, what is not happening.

Mike and Nicky left this morning at 8:00 for 2 1/2 days off site.  They knew we had no internet but now we also have no water.  They were smart to take the little break now.  Missing them around here though.

I took a photo of them leaving, pretended I was crying and said  “Go ahead, leave me, have a good time, I can do it all by myself again. The blancs come, stay for a short time to help, then move on and leave me every time.”  For some strange reason they still stayed in the van and left. I thought they looked very happy in that van.  Why? Because they were getting away perhaps.  Because they knew they would be coming back perhaps. I hope it was some of both.

Are they not too happy.

We lost our internet connection Saturday at noon.  We have had a water shortage for some time but now the pump is not finding water.  WE NEED RAIN and lots of it.  Apparently lots of rain is falling in the mountains around us but not reaching us in the valley.  We see black clouds.  We hear thunder. We get excited.  Nothing.

Now Tuesday, 3rd.

Still no water this morning – in fact situation is worse.  Food could not be prepared for school students without buckets of water being brought in from somewhere in the area.  They survived the school day but it was not easy.  it is hot and the students need water to drink.  On the Orphanage/Administration site we are all drinking water from the 5 gallon jugs purchased in Liancourt.  Bathing is done the old fashioned way – a cloth in a basin and only undies are being washed.

To make things more difficult Luckner had a crew of masons here this morning doing cement work which requires water.  Today started with no water in the canal outside – nothing but mud at the very bottom.  Thankfully around mid morning the water at the dam was diverted to our area and the canal started filling again.  The workers then took buckets and filled them in the canal to mix the cement. The work continues.

Boss Luckner supervising and giving . . .

Poor Luckner.  I greeted him this morning with “Good morning Luckner.  HATS has NO water.  HATS has NO running generator (it had shut itself off).  The canal has NO water for your workers. ”  I got a lovely smile in return and we both agreed – No, problem, God is good and things will change.

By 1:00 pm he, Luckner, had the generator running – no real problem.  So the pump started to try and pump water into the tanks but there was only a slight trickle found. Still no water for HATS.  Then at 4:00 rain started.  Oh happy day.  Thank you God.

Prayers of thanks and petitions were going up for God to please keep the rain falling.  I started filling every thing I could with run off rain water from the roof – buckets, plastic tubs, large bowls. I would be very pleased to hear the rain continue to fall for a month so the earth can once more absorb some water for the wells in the area and the rice in the area can grow.

Yay!  Raindrops are falling.

Speaking of rain we are not only praying for rain for Haiti.  I have shared photos from my phone of the fires around Ft. MacMurray and we are praying for rain for there too.

Another big thank you God right now.  It is 5:30 on Tuesday and my internet service was just restored.  This is wonderful.  3 1/2 days without internet is all this time.  it certainly could be and has been worse.

Blog should soon be posted.  Now I will get to other computer work that needs internet.

Children are well.   Indeed God is good.  All the time.